Claiming The Heart by Sara Luck

Review By: Beth M. 

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Type: Historical Romance

Publisher: Pocket

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As the Texas and Pacific Railroad expands across the wideopen frontier, a spirited young woman finds a triumphant love amidst the tracks and tumult. History in the making . . .

July 1876: Building a railroad that reaches Fort Worth city limits by a midnight deadline is an all-consuming obsession for track supervisor Gabriel Corrigan—while his socialite wife, Marthalee, daughter of a powerful Louisiana politician, heads home to arrange a marriage annulment. But when Gabe crosses paths with Josie Laclede, a vivacious businesswoman from St. Louis, he sees a sassy lady bold enough to stake her claim in the wild Texas plains—yet soft and sweet enough to win his heart.

Love for the keeping . . .

Though her past is a mystery—Josie was a foundling, raised by a kind widower who now runs a shop and hotel with her—Gabe dreams of a bright future with Josie by his side. Tantalized by his gentle kisses, and swept up in the thrilling track-laying race that has all of Fort Worth pitching in, Josie is tempted to fall hard for Gabe. But Marthalee returns, vying for the T&P fortune he stands to make. And when her father offers Gabe a senate seat and a chance to get back into his wellconnected family, a heartbroken Josie vanishes with the prairie breeze. Will their dream of a once-in-a-lifetime love go up in smoke?


Claiming the Heart is a historical romance based in the 1870’s in Texas during the time of laying the railroads. In this novel you will meet Gabriel Corrigan who is a workaholic for a big railroad company. He is forced into a marriage he does not want. His socialite wife Martha Lee becomes bored with her husband despite the money he provides her and accrues an annulment. Soon after Gabriel finds himself in the small town of Fort Worth, Texas. Here he meets Josie Laclede whose father owns the local store. Josie only has one clue to her past. Her father is worried she will never marry. She loves her town and the people who live there. Gabe soon falls in love with the spirited woman as they work together to save the town and build a railroad.

I thought the story was a little hard to follow in the beginning there was lots of jumping around from one character to another. From present to past. Once that part was past, I was able to follow the story line much better. As well as covering several years in a short amount of time. To me the storyline was easy to predict. Even the parts describing the railroad. Despite falling quickly in love they did have their struggles. There were some cute quirks to their romance, a small boy that has captured both their hearts, as well as a passion to save a small town. The ex-wife comes back to the small town to stir things up a bit. It was a sweet love story. I did enjoy the story of how they met. As well as giving a good example of what can happen when a town comes together to save it.

The author didn’t go into great detail regarding the building the railroad. I don’t even know much of the history of the time period when the railroad was being built. I left the book feeling like I didn’t learn much about it. There were times I felt as if some of the facts were left out. In the beginning there was an explanation of Josie’s past. I had actually forgotten about it until the author mentioned it about three quarters the way through the book. Then it was brought up again at the end of the book. The author kept saying how important it was to Josie, but didn’t go into much detail about it throughout the book.

This book is good for quick light read for the busy time in your lives. It will make you chuckle and even sigh a little. I just didn’t fall in love with it. I probably wouldn’t recommend to a friend, but wouldn’t say to never read it. It was just ok for me.

Beth gives Claiming The Heart by Sara Luck 3 stars!


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