Inside Bet by Katie Porter (Vegas Top Guns #2)

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Type: Erotic Romance

Publisher: Samhain

My Copy: Sent

Zero to kinky in 3…2…1 

As assistant director in an accounting firm, Heather Morris is at the top of her game. Her straight-laced colleagues wouldn’t believe the secrets she hides: her wild teenage past, work-of-art tattoo and nipple ring.

Her orderly life veers off course when she’s approached at a wine tasting by an arrogant pretty boy with a dirty mind and a hardcore dangerous profession. She finds herself tempted to step outside her respectable façade for some well-deserved excitement.

Captain Jon “Tin Tin” Carlisle knows women. Loves women. One glimpse of the nipple ring under Heather’s conservative blazer lights up all his instincts. He’s stumbled upon a rare treasure: an exotic beauty with a sexy laugh and a taste for dares.

After a red-hot hour of roulette, their simmering attraction bursts into an exploration of mutual passion that tests even Jon’s erotic limits. Soon he craves something he’s never desired before. More. But for Heather, more means trusting, and trusting leads to trouble.

Now Jon must decide if the best sex of his life is worth chancing his heart on a woman who shields hers so well.


Gah! I loved this book so much! Seriously, I can’t tell you how hot it was…it’s something you need to discover for yourself. When I first got asked to review this one I hesitated because I had never heard of this author and I hadn’t read the first book in the series. I found out that Katie Porter is actually two authors in disguise….Carrie Lofty and Lorelie Brown are tag teaming and writing together to produce some of the sexiest words I’ve ever read.

I thought Inside Bet was going to be more novella length but ladies this is full length with enough sexy scenes to wear down your mechanical boyfriends batteries! Jon is so stoically sexy. Full of himself to the highest order and sure he can get with the buttoned up woman he spies sitting at a table alone at a wine tasting. What he finds in Heather isn’t a buttoned up ANYTHING, but a woman looking to go just a bit wild. Their attraction ignites instantly and the they drawn into a games of high stakes dares where the winner gets to call the shots on every desire or whim they find appealing.

What starts out as simple sexual fun…and by simple I mean kinky mckinkerston…turns into a game of control quickly. Jon is used to calling all the shots and being able to walk away cleanly in the morning. He finds that Heather calls to him on some primal level. He craves her more with every kinktastic episode they play out. Loved Jon, loved loved loved him! He was so arrogant in the beginning, and while I feel I should have found it horrible…I found him so sexy instead. Seriously, I kept saying “what the hell Nikki, he’s an ass….” then I’d talk back to myself and say “yeah, but he’s  a GOD in bed….” Lucky for me Jon turned out to be less of an ass once he slowly started opening up….and this isn’t real life. One softy spoken french word from Jon and I was a goner. I am an accent whore.

Heather was a harder sell for me. I understood her reluctance to associate with a relationship because of her past, but only up to a point. Most of me wanted her to just move on. She had a bad experience, a really bad one, I get that and so she has worked really hard to remain in control of herself ever since. But why deny yourself the opportunity to flourish in a relationship? Why not at least TRY? Even after Jon slowly starts to open up about his own murky past, she keeps pushing him away. It got a bit tiresome after a while. It’s like having a friend that keeps screwing up and eventually it’s exhausting for you to be there to pick up the pieces….that’s what my connection with Heather felt like. Jon has a friend in this book that was exactly like that too. I wonder if the authors did that on purpose.

I wish the conflict would have been pushed further then Heathers inability to let go of her strong armed control. There was great opportunity to involve the cocky pilot in Jon’s classes that could have been played up. It was all set up and then nothing came of it so I feel that missed the mark a bit. Maybe there will be more on that in the next book, but left as is, it felt uncompleted.

Really…story aside….the sex….was…..HOT. And as a side note, the first book I have ever read that hit on asphyxiation fetishes. I put the book down somewhere in the middle after a particularly hot scene, turned to hubs and said “I need a fighter pilot to have sex with me on the hood of an Aston Martin, you know…..for research”  I mean, how can I know if what I just read is possible? I should check it out so I don’t look like a dumbass in my review. It should be noted that hubs is used to me asking him how hot things would get and if it would be possible to have sex on it comfortably.

I’m off topic, read Inside Bet and don’t blame me when you need new batteries. 🙂

I give Inside Bet by Katie Porter 4.50 stars! 

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