I’m Not A Virgin Anymore….

In the male review sense anyway…I haven’t been that other kind of virgin in many, many years. Last night my friend Heather and I popped our male review cherry together in a seady bar in the middle of a corn field. It was….enlightening. Here we are when we first got there…

I’d like to preface the rest of these pictures with this knowledge….none of us were drunk. I had 4 jello shots and two beers the entire night.  I had to drive home…so no getting drunk for me 🙂

Heather and her friend Courtney were the first to experience the strippers up close. This is hilarious because Courtney swore she wasn’t getting up there….

*I bet Heather didn’t think she’d be getting acquainted with Courtney’s crotch last night…*

Stripper number 1 was very hands on and that was totally ok with me because he smelled good enough to lick. No I didn’t lick him. I mean I probably could have…cuz he got all up in my face, but I restrained myself.

Stripper 2 was disappointing. I doubt there are any pictures of him unless they are from a distance. For a reason people. You don’t want to see that. If a stripper isn’t hot they better have a nice body. This guy failed in both areas. I could have found any number of guys like him at any bar anywhere. He got no $1’s from me.

Stripper 3…The Rumpshaker as he’s called…simply put, he rocked my world. He was a large (and I mean that literally) chocolate man who put my hand on things I never thought my hands would ever be on unless they were connected to my husband. But ladies, I can honestly say the rumors about the size of black men….they are TRUE. I’m pretty sure that thing would have split me in two.  Rump got lots of my $1’s.

Heather’s friend Jennifer and Rump

*In this last pictures both Heather and I have our hands wrapped around his extremely large peen..which was naked under that towel. However from my vantage point off to the side, yeah I got a full peep show*

Stripper 4 said no pictures, but did that stop Heather’s friend Marsha? Nope LOL. He was a construction worker..and he let me touch his peepee. 🙂 After I’d called him over a few times that is. We had to work up to that. He also gave me two kisses.

It’s burry, lol but you get the picture…

This was Heather’s expression all night…

Basically I looked like this all night except I’m not waving any dollars in this pic…

Best night ever! And even greater people to spend it with. Thanks to Marsha for taking all the pictures! I got up this morning and my hands smelled like male stripper……


  1. Love the pics! 🙂
    I popped my cherry when I was like 18. It was the one and only show that I went to, but had an amazing time! Glad you all had so much fun. ;D
    Thank you for sharing your adventures.

  2. OMG! Next time you do this TEXT ME! I wanna go! LOL! I was cracking up and I had to read parts of this out loud to my mom because it rocks that much!

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