Tallie’s Hero by Sara Luck

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Type: Historical Romance

Publisher: Pocket 

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Review By: Beth M

In a time of prosperity and risk on the open frontier, a daring cattleman takes his chances on expanding westward—and on a genteel lady from another world. Swept up in adventure . . .

With nothing left for him in Texas after his fiancÉe breaks his heart, Jeb Tuhill heads to Wyoming’s Big Horn Mountains to work the huge ranching operation of wealthy English squire Moreton Frewen. In an attempt to lure investors to the beautiful, and oftentimes dangerous, American West, Frewen and Jeb travel to England. The British gentry don’t impress Jeb much, but one spirited lady lassoes his attention with her intellect and charm.

Bound together by passion . . .

Tallie Somerset is a bestselling novelist who is forced into a divorce by the improprieties of her husband, a British lord. Fleeing the scandal, she takes a trip to New York with a friend who later convinces her to travel to Wyoming. Captivated by the big sky of the plains—and the handsome cowboy who calls it home—Tallie might be persuaded to leave England, and its bad memories, behind. But Jeb thinks she is still married, and she is afraid to tell him about the shame of her divorce. Tallie models the hero of her latest novel on Jeb . . . but can she make him her hero for a lifetime?


Jeb Tuhill is a Texan rancher at heart. He comes from a family of cattle ranchers. He is the big brother, hero of the family. Everyone looks to him for answers. Everyone wants him on his ranch. After losing a woman he thought he was in love with, Jeb get wooed by an Englishman to head his ranch in Wyoming. Without a second thought Jeb packs up to ride with the Englishman to start the biggest ranch in Wyoming.

Tallie Somerset is your typical Englishwoman. She grew up with her aunt and uncle who loved to write. She spent many hours in the library with them. She even married because it was what was expected of her. Tallie becomes a writer herself. Publishing a book under an assumed name, thinking no one would find out who it was that wrote it. Her marriage falls apart in the meantime. Everyone is surprised by her and her husband’s scandal in England. Feeling the asterism from the English society she heads to America with a friend who is to marry English turned American from Wyoming.

Jeb and Tallied met briefly in England through the man that Jeb followed to Wyoming. Despite the brief meeting they felt something ignite between them. She was married, he was burned by a woman he trusted, and they couldn’t see where these flames would lead them. They went their separate ways thinking they would never meet again.

When both of them end up in Wyoming on the same ranch, the fires are quickly burning again. He fights his urges thinking she is still married. Tallie fights to have Jeb notice her, not to ignore the feeling she knows he has buried deep inside. Not only does Tallie fall in love with a cattle rancher, she falls in love with the land and life of a cattle rancher.

Jeb doesn’t see how a polished Englishwoman would want to leave her life behind for a life of a cattle rancher’s wife. Despite Tallie proving to him she can make it on a ranch, he fights his feelings for her. Thinking he isn’t good enough for her. That he cannot give her what she needs.

Scandal, terrain, politics and many other things keep these two lovers apart. Making them fight for what they believe in, what they want in life. Tallie’s Hero is a sweet western romance that makes you want to fight for their love and their beliefs.

I enjoyed this book much better then another one that I read by Sara Luck. I did feel the ending was swift after getting wrapped into the lives of these characters. It’s a light, sweet, romance that will capture your heart.

Beth gives Tallie’s Hero by Sara Luck 3.75 stars!

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