Who Wants A Bookmark?

So this morning I was really productive and went down into my scary nasty basement…and it really is nasty, half dirt floor, creepy crawlies everywhere, mold on the walls because its wet down there…*sigh*…YUCK. I went down there to clean it up a bit and get together some stuff I had been meaning to throw away for a very long time. Somehow, and I’m not sure how, that morphed into me coming upstairs after I was done and looking at the massive pile of books covering our coffee table, my dresser in my bedroom and the actual bookshelf. It was a mess. So I started reorganizing my books. Setting aside those that need to be taken to the used bookstore and those to be given away.

In the process I found a stash of Cynthia Eden: Deadly Fear bookmarks that I must have forgot to give away! I have 7 that need to go new homes! And since I am currently reading Deadly Fear, what a perfect opportunity to give them away!

The first 7 people who comment can have one BUT only if you tell me what your favorite Cynthia Eden book is. Mine? Glad you asked! Mine is most definitely Midnight’s Master…I loved that book! Though who knows, I just started Deadly Fear and so far I love it too….

I will also have Cynthia here in a few weeks *SQUEEEEEE* …so if you want to be the first to know what she is up to and possibly enter to win a book of hers, then follow me!


  1. My Favorite book thus far is “Eternal Hunter”, second favorite was “Midnight Sins” because so far those are the only 2 have been privileged to read so far…

    I am going to be happy to see what you two come up with in a few weeks with the interview! Congratulations on scoring that one Nikki, it should draw a good crowd!

    jackie >_<


  2. I have only read Eternal Flame, but it was very good!
    I’ve been wanting to read more of this author!!
    I probably will once I finish reading some other books! XD

      1. Thank You Nikki…recieved my book mark today. First thing I’ve asked for that I actually recieved. So thank you for breaking through the wall of “NO”! Your blogs are cool;)

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