Hard work does pay off…

Evening blogging world!

Today semi-job #2 took a flying leap towards success! Your wondering what semi-job #2 is right? Well settle in kiddies and let me tell you a tale of ambition, love, and all consuming dedication…….

Years ago a young, beautiful woman met a strapping young man and they fell in love. They married in front of their church, family and friends and started a wonderful life together. Soon there were kids and their life was hectic. Nothing ever seemed to get done and yet everyone needed something. Mommy needed a escape and found the movie “Twilight”. She became obssessed and constantly thought “If Stephenie Meyer can write a worldwide sensation, well then so can I!” So she set to work creating her masterpiece. She wrote day and night with kids crawling on the laptop and a constant stream of coffee in her veins. She didn’t sleep….ever. She churned out pages and pages of work on several different stories. Nothing could stop her now! Except at every turn she got no’s. “No, I don’t think this is a fit.” “Not my cup of tea” “Hopefully you find the right person, it’s just not me”. Over and over until anyone else would have thrown in the towel, hung their head, and went back to just being a mommy. Oh, no, not her! She kept writing everyday and she kept sending those letters. Every once in awhile someone would ask to see more and she would get her hopes up only to be let down again. Then, today, after a year of this being  “just a hobby”, came the email of a lifetime….”I LOVE YOUR BOOK”. Pretty sure the girl blacked out for a moment after reading those four words. When she stopped hyperventilating she read that this agent was very interested and while she couldn’t promise anything, she would be talking it over with her fellow editors and hopefully getting back to her to sign for representation! This is it! This is the break! I know it! After all those sleepless nights, all those pots of coffee…it has come to this point. So tonight, I say alittle prayer that these “fellow editors” see the promise that I do with this writing. Good luck to one of my best friends, (and married to my cousin) Julie!

WHAT? You didn’t think this was about me did you? Have you been reading? I said I couldn’t write. I meant it. I however, have been editing these little masterpeices for Julie since the beginning. So you could say Im “invested”. I have spent HOURS pouring over them, asking questions, fixing broken sentences, and enjoying every minute of it! There were probably times she wanted to throttle me for changing things she had wrote, but she never showed it. So, here lies semi-job #2. Its not for pay, and its not for me, but thats what makes it special. I feel privledged to be able to help her on her journey to publication. I may have lost a little sleep in the process, but when I see her book on the shelf at Borders, it will all be worth it……..

Heres a link to her blog:

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