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Bad Boys we all love them. Whether its literature, television or on a movie screen, there is nothing that intrigues a woman more that a man that defies the system for what he believes in without any concern of the consequences later.

Our hero or villain depending on who may be rooting for wears his heart on his sleeve. People may not like his reasons for doing something that’s vile, but it’s the outcome along with the journey that makes you want more.

As I write this post, one of the best ‘Bad Boys’ that comes to mind is Jax Teller, aka Charlie Hunnam from “Sons of Anarchy”. For people who aren’t familiar with Jax’s story, here it is in a nutshell. Jax is the head of a motorcycle gang, called SAMCRO which is located in the fictional town of Harmony. His gang pretty much runs the town. They murder, distribute drugs and if you follow this season, are now dabbling in the prostitution game.

Despite all of this, Jax only wants to do the right thing for his wife, two sons and for the other members of SAMCRO. In his eyes, it’s a job. It’s job he was forced to have due to circumstances that were beyond his control, but if he wants to stay true to the things he believes in, he has to fulfill the heinous and at times, ruthless obligations of the club, knowing that if he doesn’t, the future of his wife and family would be jeopardized.

In ‘Crave’ my new series that’s released in Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories, there are two types of Bad Boys.


Cass, who is the lead singer in the rock band Crave, is sexy, smart and manipulative. He’s so manipulative that he has the heroine of the story, Harper, wondering if he’s involved in the disappearance of a teenage girl that often went to their shows.

Then, we meet Marcus Le Mond, business extraordinaire who not only has a hair-trigger temper, but a vicious bout of jealousy for his nemesis, Cass. Marcus is equally as handsome, but he’s ruthless to the core. For him, he feels justified in his actions and once you read his story, maybe some of you will feel the same.

Here’s an excerpt of ‘Crave’, leave a comment on who your favorite bad boy is (can be from books, movies, TV, etc) and why and you’ll be able to win copies of both episodes of Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories Episodes 1 and 2.


The lights went down. The crowd that was laughing, talking and mingling with one another was hushed into dead silence; putting all their focus onto the front of the stage.

The first few bars of the anthem, ‘Rock me,’ gradually blared its way louder and louder.

There he stood wearing a pair of black leather pants that hung low on his waist along with a long sleeved black mesh shirt, whose buttons, by most females in the audience, were grateful to have been unbuttoned.

After getting focused on the crowd, his brown eyes locked firm with hers, seemingly burning a hole into her soul. The photograph didn’t do him justice. Everyone was correct, Cass St. Marie was exquisite.

“Good evening.” He told the crowd in a deep, southern drawl that reminded her of the day she first tasted her father’s favorite bourbon. It was sweet, delicious and full of body.

The more she heard, the more she wanted. It was heaven on earth.

He had only said two words and Harper and the rest of the audiences found themselves swooning despite him not singing a single note. His southern drawl and shoulder-length brown locks were enough to put any woman over the edge. His lips curved into a smile and the crowd erupted.

“Guess you’re here to see us play, huh?” he quipped.

The crowd clapped wildly. His southern accent should be banned Harper thought. It could make the most level headed woman, like herself, want to walk up to him and have her way with him.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” He said as he glanced over the crowd once more before looking back at her with a wink. With an intensity that rivaled any top international act, Cass held the frenzied crowd in the palm of his hand as he began sing.

Where the hell have I been? And why haven’t I seen any of these guys around before? This job makes me wonder if I live under a fucking rock. Where he has been all my life?



**To win episode 1 and 2 of this series simply comment to enter. Each book contains one part of each of the three  books. These come out monthly. International entries are fine since these are digital. 🙂 Open until Oct 30, 2012 @ 11:59pm EST with winner announced shortly after.**


  1. Wow the cover very sexy and Cass sounds hot as hell. I want to read more about them.
    Who’s my favorite bad boy…Matt from Paradise by Judith McNaught. My all time favoite book and Zack from her book Perfact. Both hot bad boys.
    Thanks for a great giveaway.

  2. Hi everyone this is Ty…Thanks so much for entering! And i hope you enjoy Crave! Cass and Marcus have been enjoyable to write! Good luck!

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