Take It Off by Justin Cole & Taylor Whitfield

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Type: Biography

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes in a male strip club? Are those guys gay? How do they stay so ripped? Do they stuff their trunks? How did they get into such a business? How much money do they make? Do they have wild sex every night? 

This book takes you backstage and into the lives of two successful male strippers over a span of twenty years in the business. From their rookie days to their wild sexcapades and practical jokes, Take It Off! is a laugh-filled, action-packed joyride. 

Justin Whitfield and Taylor Cole are the stage names of male exotic dancers who have performed for women in Europe, the Caribbean, South America and Canada, as well as at various casinos, on cruise ships and in hundreds of clubs across the United States. Both have been featured on television and radio, as well as in newspapers, calendars, and magazines. Both are also official Ellora’s Caveman cover models and appear on our erotic romance covers and at our conventions and tradeshows.


Take It Off isn’t a book I’d normally pick up. I tend to be a serial romance reader and so a biography type book doesn’t normally entice me enough to open the cover. When I recently got a chance to go to a local convention put on by Ellora’s Cave however, I briefly met the two authors of Take It Off and thought I’d give it a whirl.

Supposedly this gives readers a first hand account of the world that a male stripper lives in. True stories, tips and tricks fill the pages. I will admit to being curious about some of the questions answered within. What got me though was the ick factor and reality of some of the stories they recount. Sex in a bathroom? Sex in a dark corner of a bar while onlookers are more concerned about what is happening on the main stage? Sex with twins? Being wrote by two guys I can understand their excitement about doing these things. THEY ARE GUYS, of course they’d be excited. What about the women? Perhaps it’s because I am not a walking Barbie doll and have never been put in these positions (heh) before but I can’t imagine ever going for sex in a dirty public bathroom with a guy I just met. I guess there could be a thrill aspect but afterwards I want to being able to look at myself in the mirror. Most likely copious amounts of alcohol and maybe some drugs played a huge factor in a lot of these hook ups.

It was often hard to tell who, Justin or Cole, was telling parts of the story. I’m sure that was to preserve some shred of privacy but it made it hard when stories would conflict each other. At one point one of the guys says cheating is wrong. Then the next paragraph starts a story about this time he banged a bride to be and how hot it was. Um does he mean he’d never cheat on his girl but that it’s okay if the girl he’s banging is cheating on some other guy? Maybe it was wrote by the other author and he’s okay with cheating. I don’t know, it wasn’t clear on who was writing what.

There is an entire chapter on working out and diet if anyone is wondering how they maintain that body of theirs. As suspected they basically live in a gym every day of the week and eat only fresh foods and lots of protein. Along with tons of debunked myths and tips on how a newbie might go bout breaking into the business and what to expect.

Yeah it’s awesome to fantasize about these guys and what they could do to your body but in reality? I think I would keep them safely in the friend category if ever given the chance. You know….a friend who might let me touch his rock hard abs every once in awhile…..

I give Take It Off by Taylor Cole and Justin Whitfield 3 stars!

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