In Her Sights by Charley Colins (A Lexie Olympia Novel #1)


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Type: Mystery/Romance

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Some call her a killer.
Others call her a hero.

Lexie Olympia calls herself neither. She’s getting the job done because she can. A beloved philanthropist by day who’s nicknamed Melville’s Sweetheart, Lexie has the city wrapped around her little finger. Having been a victim in the past, left behind with the killer still on the loose, Lexie knows what it’s like to live with that fear. Instead of biting her nails over it, she takes action. Drug lords, gang leaders, con artists, kidnappers, serial killers, anyone who leaves behind innocent victims are marked on Lexie’s list.

When a neighbor leaves a stolen ancient dagger on her doorstep and skips town, Lexie’s left picking up the pieces. The police, a local private investigator, and a gang are all after this artifact and Lexie uses her nighttime persona, Artemis, to get to the bottom of things. Everything is going smoothly until she gets caught.


Normally I stay away from mysteries because I’m more of an action or romance girl but when I read the blurb for this one I decided that it held a promise that most mysteries lack. A mixing of sub-genres  that was sure to entice even the most fickle of readers.  What I found within the pages of In Her Sights was an excellent merging of intrigue, action and sexual tension that made me crave for more by the end. Plus it’s wrote by one of my favorite contemporary romance authors, Keri Ford, who always manages to take a story and bring it to life seemingly effortlessly.

Lexie  isn’t just the town sweetheart but she’s also their protector, not that they know it. Her alter-ego Artemis prowls the street bringing justice to those who deserve it and vengeance to those who commit heinous acts on unsuspecting citizens. Shrouded in her public image of the gorgeous, political fund raising heiress, she lives two lives. When someone dares to try to steal from her she finds her two lives merged unexpectedly.

Clayton Addison needs something that Lexie supposedly has and as a personal security officer he should have been able to get it and be out in minutes. Lexie is not what he was expecting and he soon finds himself in over his head with this spunky blonde bombshell who has numerous secrets she seems intent on keeping. Along with the article he needs…a dagger that came into her possession quite unexpectedly.

As Addison and Lexie work together and her secrets are slowly brought to light Addison has to wonder at her upbringing and how finding her murdered parents has played a part in making her the complex woman he finds himself fighting feelings for. I was rooting for Lexie to overcome her nightmares and not only get a decent nights sleep but to let Addison in to her life. She has been fighting alone for so long that change scares her and she fights it. She convinces herself that the tension she feels when Addison touches her isn’t real and instead blames it on her tired psyche. Though there are those she trust she ultimately works alone and I found that sad.

I found the mystery of the dagger, where it came from and who wanted it for what reason extremely well wrote. Most often I can see through the mystery and figure out the motives long before the ending. That never happened with In Her Sights and at the end I was as surprised as the characters were! I’m not yet sold on her hired killer persona. You can call it what you want but in the end killing is killing and while she only kills those who deserve it, I’m not sure I yet understand it. I’m hoping following  books will help me come to terms with her profession.

Lexie is an adept heroine who can handle her own and she rescues the hero a time or two as well. I loved the turning of the tables from the typical male/female roles. Addison held his own but as a team they worked well together. Addison needed a strong female because of his own sad past and so Lexie fit in well with what he needed. His guilt over the deaths of his own family still weigh heavily on him and affects how he perceives his job as protector and head of his security company.

One of my favorite things about Keri Ford has always been her ability to take a world in her head and make it real. Make me care and make me believe. Past books have all been novella length and her characters were so complete in those that I had high hopes for her debut novel length. Keri doesn’t let her readers down and her fans are sure to love this one as much as I did. One part Robin Hood and one part Tomb Raider make this a winner in the literary world!

In Her Sights is an excellent romantic mystery that kept me on the edge of my seat through the entire book! At the end I wonted more and I can’t wait to see where this story and these characters take me in the future! Completely addictive and wonderfully entertaining, In Her Sights will win over readers in droves!

I give In Her Sights by Charley Colins 4.50 stars!


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