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Creatures that Bump and Grind in the Night

By Alexandra Christian

Do you like being scared? Your heart races faster and faster as the situation intensifies. Your skin becomes cool with sweat, almost clammy. You can’t seem to catch your breath and every gasp makes your lungs ache with the exertion. Tiny noises escape your throat as you struggle to keep control. Finally, your fear reaches its pinnacle and a bloodcurdling scream is ripped from your throat. Does this sound familiar? If I had left out the word “fear,” I could have been describing an orgasm. Its no secret that sex and fear are old friends. Very few emotions make us feel such intense passion, sharp sensation and oh so alive.

The genre of paranormal romance was born out of this blending of fear and fantasy. Nothing gets the chemistry between two people bubbling like the possibility of death. It’s the basis of conflict. As one of the angels in a movie called “A Life Less Ordinary” says, “Jeopardy, Jackson.” Put your hero and heroine in jeopardy and they’re sure to fall in love. Or at least in lust for a few pages. It’s always amazed me how right in the middle of a horror movie, just when the characters are about to be eaten by a werewolf or axed by a masked killer—that’s when they decide to get it on in the bushes. But if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. If I thought that this might be my last night on Earth, I’d be in there jumping the hubby’s bones, not sitting here typing this blog post.

My new release, Sanguine Kiss, is the tale of a girl who desperately needs to feel alive again. She’s been dumped by the man of her dreams and left dangling in a web of uncertainty. Gillian Thompson feels so dead that she figures she might as well finish the job. That’s when she meets a mysterious stranger (there’s always a mysterious stranger in these stories) who offers her a choice. Seth is a vampire and he proposes some of that dangerous love. He thirsts for her blood and her soul and our heroine’s heart melts. Take a small taste and let me know what you think…


“Then you are…”

“A vampire?”

“Yes,” she whispered. “Are you?”

Seth smiled again, this time wide enough to confirm her suspicions. “Are you afraid?”

“No,” she lied, struggling to keep her breathing slow and even.

“Liar,” he replied, inhaling deeply as he nuzzled under her hair. “I can smell it on you like cheap perfume. It permeates every part of you and makes your blood a complicated ambrosia.” With that, he licked the outline of her jugular vein with the tip of his tongue then stopped, his lips lingering on the soft place just under the corner of her jawline and then sucking gently. “I can give you everything you’ve ever wanted and more. Answers to every question. Pleasure like you’ve never known.”

His words were the aphrodisiac she needed, and she melted into his embrace. “Yes.” She sighed, succumbing to his seduction and offering her mouth to his. He kissed her deeply, his tongue delving into the moist cavern and drawing the breath from her body. He could feel her move against him, her body shuddering involuntarily. “Please…”

Seth broke away, growling deep in his throat as he swept her drunken, limp body into his arms. He carried her swiftly through the labyrinth of corridors and up the stairs, moving with an impossible speed that took her breath away. When they arrived at the end of the hall, he kicked the double doors, breaking the latch so that they flew open. Gillian flinched at the sound of the wood splintering as the doors hit the wall behind with enough force to leave a dent in the plaster. He tossed her unceremoniously onto his bed and stood back, watching her with a predatory glare.

“Are you going to kill me?” she whispered, sitting back on her elbows.

“Yes.” He watched as her chin began to tremble and she started moving backward slowly. “I’m afraid you’ve been chosen.”

“Please don’t.”

“So, you do want to live?”

She inhaled to say something but the words died on her lips, looking into his eyes. “I… I suppose,” she replied.

He came upon her, kneeling over her in an instant and making her draw back with fear of him. “You suppose? You must be sure! I offer you death, yes. But also life. Eternal life and you cannot change your mind once it’s begun!” He pulled her to him in a furious embrace that nearly stopped her breath. She cried out. He held onto her tightly, his mind racing with wonder. Why had he attached himself to this one so much? What was it about her that made him feel so…human? It had been a hundred years since he’d taken a companion and the last one had ended so badly—why should she be any different? But the thought of leaving her was nearly painful. “Let me give you something to live for,” he whispered.

She did not answer, but nodded lazily as if under some spell and lay back against the pillows. Her heart raced, pumping her blood in a furious river through her veins. He could hear it, already feel it pouring into him, filling him with warmth. It made him want to tear into her flesh, draining her quickly to quench the intense craving, but he would have to be patient. If he was to keep this one for his own, he’d have to take it slowly, savoring each drop, lest he kill her. She took his hand, placing it on her hip as she traced each bone and tendon with her fingertips, then sliding it over her body, guiding him to touch her. His hands were cold and she gasped when they made contact with her skin, but soon she was arching into his touch, hungry for more.


This Halloween, I’d like for all of you to take a walk on the dark side. Unleash all those sexy little monsters in the closet and embrace that little undead vixen hidden beneath.

Leave a comment and you might just win an e-copy of Sanguine Kiss! Open until Nov 1 2012 @ 11:59pm EST. Open Internationally. Winner announced shortly after. 

Thanks so much, Nikki for allowing me to sound off on your blog today and post a little excerpt. I hope I haven’t been too shocking. They don’t let me out of my cage often…

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  1. This sounds like a really good book.
    Now as for the monsters in my closet….I hate to be scared so all the monsters are in my books. I can handle a monster as long as its in a romance book. Then I know all will be well.

  2. You have to have a mysterious stranger – I had to laugh. The lead in sentence to the post is great too. SANGUINE KISS is going to be amazing.

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