Coming out of your shell…

Tonight I thought I’d share a piece of my life……..I have a son who just recently turned 10 yrs old. He’s very anti-social, just like his daddy. I have tried and tried to get him into some kind of activity. Over the years we’ve tried, t-ball, wrestling and swimming to no avail. He doesn’t much care to talk to people. He hates competing and he’s painfully embarrassed to do anything in front of people. Give him something to build or nature books to read any day. School music programs are his kryptonite and he barely sings and don’t even think about asking him to dance. Tonight was his 4th grade fall festival and he’d been grumbling about it for weeks. Not only was he expected to sing and dance, he had a (Da Da Daaaaaaaaaa) speaking line. He did wonderfully! I was extremely proud of him and of course lavished him with all kinds of praise afterwards which led to this….

Him “So I did good?”

Me: “YES! You were great! I’m so proud of you!”

Him “So do I get a reward?”

Me *I knew this was coming* SIGH “what do you want?” *This is what praise leads to people*

Him “I want a Lego kit.” *He always wants a Lego kit and that shit is expensive. But the girl is in gymnastics so it’s only fair I do something for him since he won’t join anything*

Me “Do the Gangham style dance and let me tape it”

Him *look of utter horror* “Are you going to put it online?”

Me “Uh YEAH, it’s like you don’t know me at all kid”

And from that we get this gem of awesomeness…..



So I got a great video. He’s slowly getting over his fear of being in front of people…and a Lego kit, he’s totally getting a Lego kit.


  1. That is flippin’ adorable!! Good for him & kudos for you to helping him work through his shyness. My son, now 13, was the same way. Books, tv documentaries & building kits were his whole world, too. He finally gave in to me & did choir for a year (I begged and pleaded that he do it before his voice started to change!) He’ll never be one of those kids that’s super outgoing, which is okay since my daughter already is & it’s exhausting, but he did learn to get over some of his inhibitions about dealing with others. It went a long way in helping him learn to adjust and deal with new situations…very important since we’re a military family & move frequently.

    Your son totally earned the Lego kit & I hope he enjoys it!

  2. Oh wow he did great!! Wish I could move like that! Lol!!! I have a 17 yr that was the same way and still is to an extent. His younger brother totally opposite. The 17yr I dnt worry about so much. Hopefully yours will come out of it. We tried to push but it didn’t work he came out of his shell on his own a little at a time, kinda like your little guy. It’s tough but focus on his likes is all you can do thats what we did. Sorry just wanted you to know you are not alone.

    1. Yeah it can be disheartening at times but in the end he is who he is…and well my hubs is normal. Well mostly. 🙂 Plus the child is freaky smart about bugs, animals, dinosaurs, Legos and trains..Gotta be a good career in there somewhere.

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