Calling All Readers

The time has come for me to expand my website a little. I can no longer handle all the requests on my own, specifically for genres I don’t really read. Therefore I am looking for an additional reviewer. You must have decent writing ability, and yes, I will be asking for you to submit a sample. It can be something you did on another review site, Goodreads or Amazon. Reviews on my site are typically within 700-1200 words (not including back cover blurb) so I am looking for someone who can do the same. Reviewers that can’t back up why they like/dislike a book or expand on a thought need not apply. I am wanting the additional reviewer to review at least 2-3 books a month. Though if you end up with more that’s fine, we will work with it. I currently get a lot of requests for historical romance that I simply don’t read much of so a lover of historical romance is a must. Right now I have 4 sitting on my coffee table at home that need read. Other then the few books I may get that I can’t read (which can be from any sub-genre of romance), you would be responsible for getting your own books.  I spend a shit ton of money on books most months so please don’t expect you will get everything for free. Simply doesn’t happen and honestly if you want to review to get free books, please don’t waste my time. 🙂 You will always have the option to pass on a book that I don’t have time for. New or old, it doesn’t really matter to me what you review as long as I haven’t already put up a review or plan on putting one up in the near future. Someone able to read digital copies would be a major plus (Kindle, Nook or on the computer). Communication is a big thing for me, so a reviewer must communicate in advance with me what they plan on reviewing/reading for the website so we don’t overlap. All reviews will be set up by me in the same format I currently use….at least for the foreseeable future.

I’d like to have a new reviewer on board shortly because I am looking to start putting up their reviews starting in December (hopefully with those historical romances I mentioned)

If you think this may be you, contact me at nmulder81 @ hotmail dot com and title the email “Potential Reviewer”. Include your sample writing and a bit about yourself and why you want to review romance.


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