Bite by Jenny Lyn

Bite by Jenny LynAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Erotic Novelette (30-ish pages)

Publisher: Etopia

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

Elle Conner can barely boil water in the microwave, but that doesn’t stop her from lusting after hot, celebrity chef, Kevin Lattimore. When her best friend sets her up with cooking classes as a birthday present, the teacher is none other than her sexy obsession. After only two classes, Elle’s certain her culinary ineptitude has made her the most despised student ever to tie on an apron. That couldn’t be further from the truth, at least when it comes to her instructor.

Turns out Elle’s fascination with the handsome chef is not so one sided after all. Kevin has cooked up a plan, and he’s going to teach her a thing or two about heating up the kitchen without ever turning on the stove. 

Warning: After reading this you may never look at artichokes the same way again.


Bite, simply put, is a moment in time that will feel like so much more. I really enjoyed this 30 page foray into Elle’s attempt to learn to cook. After being forced into cooking classes by her best friend, Elle is excited to learn the instructor is the uber popular, and insanely hot, Kevin Lattimore.

What starts as simple cooking classes quickly heats up and Elle finds herself alone with her instructor who decides to do devious things to her with vegetables.  Kevin was drool worthy. He was all about command and control with Elle which was incredibly hot. Sure it included artichokes which are vile, nasty vegetables…but true to the blurb, I won’t be thinking of them in the same way again. Kevin makes ordinary cooking utensils into erotic foreplay toys and I found the kitchen scenario both sexy an slightly intimidating.  Hey, that counter has got to be cold!

This novelette had solid, entertaining writing laced with quick wit and humor. I loved the combination of story and erotic romance and thought that for such a short read, it encompassed everything I enjoy in my reads. Elle’s constant jabs at Kevin during class had me cracking up and the hot scenes later had me panting! I look forward to reading more from Lyn because if she can manage to spellbound me in only 30 pages, then I would love to see something longer from her!

I give Bite by Jenny Lyn 4 stars! 

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