Wild For The Girl by Starr Ambrose


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Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Pocket E-book

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Reviewer: Nikki 

Horse trainer and stable manager T.J. Grady has little patience for anything that doesn’t involve her beloved animals. She’s been burnt before by men who breeze through Barringer’s Pass and think she’ll be an easy love-‘em-and-leave-‘em type, so she keeps to herself and spends her quality time with her strong, patient horses. Reese Barringer fled Barringer’s Pass years ago looking to escape the privilege—and scrutiny—that comes with the notable last name. He’s made a life for himself (complete with picture-perfect Daddy’s-girl ex-girlfriend) in Boston, but now finds himself in his hometown to take over the resort while his father—the formidable Michael Barringer—recovers from an illness. But city-boy Reese and country-gal T.J. must work together because notorious womanizer/actor Tad Prescott is coming to town and someone has to teach him how to ride a horse. When Tad takes a shining to T.J., Reese finds himself wishing he could ride the actor out of town and claim the hot-tempered woman for himself.


Starr Ambrose brings readers back to her quaint town of Barringer’s Pass in this contemporary novella from Pocket Star’s e-book line. I have enjoyed past books by Starr and I found her voice to be refreshing and direct with each story drawing me in with its well wrote characters .  Wild For The Girl introduces golden boy Reese Barringer who is back in town to help his father run his resort. Reese hates small town life and is counting the days down till he can go back to his fast paced life in Boston. Reese instantly finds friction from T.J. who has been working with his father on setting up trail rides for their guests and working with the horses on training. T.J loves small town life but hides herself away having been rejected once by a man just like Reese.

Reese quickly finds himself jealous when he convinces T.J to give a cocky movie star riding lessons. They had a lot of sexual tension between them and I found that aspect to be what stood out the most about this one. Once the tension breaks I was ready for the novella to be over. The overly obnoxious personal assistant to movie star Tad was also a nice addition but I wanted more there. Ambrose goes out of her way to make this woman threatening to T.J to the point of obvious harassment and possibly stalker-ish to Tad. Nothing ever happens there though and I was left feeling like I hit a wall. Why the buildup to nothing? I wanted the scary chick to come after T.J or something. After a small confrontation though she exits stage left and the story moves a long toward its happily ever after. T.J. while smart, also makes the classic mistake that most heroines make in they jumping to conclusions. When faced with Reeses recent ex,T.J assumes they have reconciled and runs for the hills. This of course sends Reese searching in a desperate attempt to make her understand.

Readers that want something fluffy to fill in between meatier novels should enjoy this one. As well as anyone who enjoys horses since they play center stage throughout the book. I enjoyed it for what it was, a quick contemporary romance. While I don’t think it stands out, it’s still a well wrote, cute read.

I give Wild For The Girl by Starr Ambrose 3 stars!

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