A Dangerous Liaison With Detective Lewis by Jillian Stone (The Gentlemen Of Scotland Yard #2)

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Type: Historical Romance

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Reviewer: Pam

The fates had been perversely mischievous of late—case in point, Raphael Lewis. . . .

When Fanny Greyville-Nugent’s father suffers a gruesome death in the clutches of his own machine, mourning his loss is not the beautiful heiress’s only heartbreak. Scotland Yard is convinced he was targeted in a plot to halt the rise of industry, and Fanny’s former fiancé, dashing and dubious detective Raphael “Rafe” Lewis has been assigned to the case.

For the estranged ex-lovers, bringing the notorious assassins to justice proves as tumultuous as quelling pent-up desires. Fighting peril and passion at every turn of a dangerous journey from Edinburgh to London, they are pursued by an anarchist group hell-bent on destroying her father’s mysterious entry into the London Industrial Exposition.

When an astonishing discovery about the couple’s failed engagement surfaces, the sleuthing duo realize they can trust no one. Rafe confesses new details about his infidelity and Fanny risks all to avenge her father’s murder. But will Rafe and Fanny triumph over the pain of their past?

London 1887

I so enjoyed this story, a fascinating book from start to finish. Ms. Stone has a wonderful voice and so far I have loved all her books.

Raphael Lewis St. Aldwyn or Rafe as most know him is a detective with Scotland Yard and is working a stakeout with fellow detective Flynn when they hear of the death of a wealthy industrialist. Zeno, the number two Yardman who works with Flynn and Rafe, explain that there may be another murder in the mix as there is a mysterious death up in Edinburgh, they are worried the two may be related. As Flynn is on his way to find the torso of the dead gentleman in London, Zeno is sending Rafe to Scotland to investigate and provide protection for the daughter, Francine. Rafe tries to explain that there is history between the daughter and him; however Zeno says it is too late since he already sent the other inspectors away, plus Zeno knows it is where Rafe is from.

Ambrose Greyville-Nugent died in a thrasher accident; however there are reasons to believe it was not an accident after all. His daughter Francine is expected to take over the running of the business and since Scotland Yard is worried the two deaths are related, Rafe is being sent to not only investigate the death but to also protect Fanny as they think she could be the next target.

The property of Greyville-Nugent borders Rafe’s family’s land in Edinburgh and Rafe and Fanny were childhood friends and later set to marry, that is until the evening of the announcement when he had to tell Ambrose he could not marry his daughter. Fanny never knew why and has not spoken to Rafe since that night; the only relative that he has kept in touch is his aunt Vertiline.

Rafe goes to Ambrose’ funeral and the whispers begin to fly as people notice him, his mother is angry and will not speak to him and Fanny is furious he is there for the funeral of her father but in five years never tried to contact her. He explains that Scotland Yard is suspicious of the death and is investigating; he will be questioning anyone that may have been a witness. He also drops the bomb that he is there to protect her. She is furious and demands to know what happened five years ago with their engagement, however when she finds out that he could not marry her because he was already married she is heartbroken.

Rafe eventually explains that he was depressed five years ago when Fanny was away on vacation and Nigel (a so called friend) took him out for some drinks where he met and spent the evening with a woman who got pregnant, Rafe did the right thing and married her. Ceilia was very sick and died after giving birth six months after he had broken the betrothal, yet Rafe still did not contact Fanny. Rafe had many reasons for not contacting her, some because he did not know what to say and some because he found out that his family was quite broke and he believed they only wanted him to marry her for her money, which he would not do.

As Rafe and Fanny investigate the death of her father they realize they are being followed and at one point the villains grab Fanny and Rafe is in a panic to find her. After being reunited they race across the countryside trying to get to Glasgow before the killers get to them. They encounter many friends and foe along the way however they have a hard time telling them apart. The flight continues after Glasgow as they fight their way back to London, where more surprises await Fanny.

Can you say adventure? This book does not let up and you are thrown onto the ride and feel the sensations from the start. The two are struggling with their feelings, Rafe wants nothing more than a second chance with Fanny yet she is scared to death and not sure she is ready to forgive. The emotional ups and downs are heartbreaking and feel true. I love the relationship between these two. They really care for each other however mistakes and misunderstandings continue to get in the way of happiness. I enjoyed meeting new characters and revisiting the Yardmen from the past and look forward to more.

I give A Dangerous Liaison with Detective Lewis by Jillian Stone 5 stars! 



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