Harvest Of The Heart by Julie A Lindsey

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Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Turquoise Morning Press

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

Savannah James thought heartbreak ended her story, but she was wrong. 


Isaac Mason is making Savannah crazy. One minute he drops by to say “Hi,” and the next minute he walks away without a goodbye. The hot and cold is killing her and so is the intrigue. Now the town’s youngest recluse is coming out of her shell, and folks are taking notice. For the first time in five years, she’s pushing her tragic past aside to focus on someone else. What she finds may send her back into hiding. 


Harvest Of The Heart is the final chapter in Julie Lindsey’s Seeds Of Love series, and she has definitely gone out on a high note! Though each independent in their own way they are all loosely tied together with Turquoise Morning Press’s Honey Creek line. A series of books from different authors all centering around the same southern Ohio small town.

Five years ago Savannah looked death in the eye and walked away. Her fiance was not as lucky and with survivors guilt as her only companion she never truly moved on. Giving up a promising therapist career she picked up a hammer instead and fixed….things. Anything that didn’t require her to deal with emotions long ignored and pushed aside. The appearance of a hot new neighbor leaves her floundering with newly awakened feelings that she’s not sure she’s ready for.

Issac has his own reasons for running from his California plastic surgery office to the small Ohio town. Hiding from his own guilt, the last thing he needs is a distraction like Savannah. Their chemistry is unavoidable and together they may be able to let go of the guilt and move on to a future each of them deserves. But a dark secret hangs between them, one that just might rip them apart before they even get a chance to live again.

What I love most about Julie is her ability to pull a reader into her world in such a short amount of time. Often novellas leave me craving more of an attachment to the characters and story line. Not so with Julie, she seemingly creates characters I feel like I already know and can root for instantly. I crack open her books and find myself gone till that very last word. She integrates humor and wit in spades that make me wish the story was longer so I didn’t have to say goodbye so quickly.

The book deals a lot with an emotion everyone has felt at one time or another. Guilt. I enjoyed each character coming to terms with their pasts in their own way. Savannah through letting her heart love again and Issac realizing he isn’t Superman and that he can’t save everyone. Moving on after any tragedy is difficult and I appreciated Julie’s attention to detail in the journey each person faced.

Harvest Of The Heart is a quick, feel good novella that will entertain contemporary romance lovers looking for something short and full of gut wrenching emotion. Easily read in one sitting at 80-ish pages it’s strongly wrote and well detailed. Julie slips inside your head and sets up shop giving you everything you need to envision and enjoy her world. I look to reading more from her in the future!

I give Harvest Of The Heart by Julie A Lindsey 4.50 stars!

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