Too Dangerous To Desire by Cara Elliot (Lords Of Midnight #3)

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Type: Historical Romance

Publisher: Forever

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Can a Flame from the Past be Rekindled? Long ago, Sophie Lawrance chose prudence over passion, rejecting a rebellious young rogue for the sake of her family-no matter the ache it left in her heart. But after a specter from her father’s past resurfaces, threatening to destroy all she holds dear, the desperate beauty knows there is only one man whose shadowy skills can save her.

Or Is It Too Dangerous to Play with Fire? Cameron Daggett is a man of many secrets . . . and many sins. He’s never forgotten the pain of losing Sophie. But now, with a chance to win her back, Cameron sets aside his anger and agrees to help Sophie save her father’s honor. Together they embark on a perilous masquerade, leading them to a remote country estate near the sea. There, they must battle a cunning adversary-and their own burning desires. Will they be consumed by the flames? Or can they prove that true love conquers all?


The third book in a wonderful historical series with intrigue and danger.

Cameron Daggett and Sophie Lawrance knew each years ago, what almost seems like another lifetime as they have both changed so much. So when Cameron sees her at the notorious Wolf’s Lair he wonders what has brought her to this den of iniquity. He watches her pass a small package to a gentleman and after she leaves his curiosity gets the better of him and he uses his skill to retrieve the item. Cameron recognizes what is in the package, a pair of earrings that are precious to Sophie, he knows that the only reason she would give them away would be because she is in trouble.

Cameron’s life is very different from the boy he was when he knew Sophie; he left abruptly when a he was accused of stealing and his half-brother Lord Wolcott would have liked to have seen him hang. His half-brother did not like him and would have done anything to get rid of him. Therefore at the age of seventeen he learned to live by whatever means necessary which included becoming a very successful thief.

Cameron stole very expensive items from the wealthy, those that could afford to lose them and during his years got acquainted with two other men as dangerous as he was, they were named The Hellhounds. Even though Lord Conner Killingworth and Lord Gryph Hadden were respectable gentlemen, they formed a tight friendship with Cameron. He was known as the Sleuth Hound for his abilities to get into places that were locked and find or steal items.

Years ago when Sophie was sixteen and Cameron was seventeen, he wanted to go to Scotland to get married. She turned him down thinking he was too wild and she was trying to hold her family together since her mother had died and her father was mentally slipping way. Now she was turning to him for help as Lord Dudley was blackmailing her, claiming he has knowledge that her father did something dishonest while he was with the church and it could bring ruin to her family.

The blackmail is over some documents that Lord Dudley and his friend Morton believe Sophie knows where to find. These are documents that may hold the truth to the birthright of Cameron proving he is a legitimate son; little does anyone know that Morton has more to gain from destroying the documents that anyone knows. And when Lord Wolcott dies at sea with his family the danger really begins for both Sophie and Cameron.

I enjoyed this historical with intrigue, mystery and a lot of danger. Cameron and Sophie are great together and when they renew their friendship it quickly escalates into something more, as if all the years in-between have not made a difference. Cameron wants to protect her and the only thing stopping him from declaring how he feels is that he thinks he is not worthy of her love. And what a fun and sexy scene when they play a bit of strip lock picking – LOL, so very fun and original and I loved the banter and excitement between them. The danger for both of them comes near the end of the story, when all the pieces of the puzzle come together. As Sophie, Cameron and his two friends (Conner and Gryph) all try to find the truth before more start dying. This is a great addition to the other two books in the series that keeps you turning the page until the end but could be read as a stand-alone.

I give Too Dangerous To Desire by Cara Elliott 4 stars!

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