The Laird’s Choice by Amanda Scott (Lairds Of The Loch #1)

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Type: Historical Romance

Publisher: Forever

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Reviewer: Pam

DUTY BOUND Lady Andrena MacFarlan has been different since the day she was born. Possessing the power to sense others’ most intimate desires, she knows her duty is to marry the man who will take the MacFarlan name as his own and help her father regain the chiefdom of their clan. But her unique gifts don’t prepare her for the day when a mighty warrior suddenly enters her life. The attraction between them is undeniable — and insatiable.

DESIRE UNLEASHED Hunted by brutal enemies, the wounded Magnus Galbraith washes up on MacFarlan land where he is rescued by a laird’s lovely daughter. Andrena is like no one Magnus has ever known. She has the uncanny ability to both calm and enflame him in ways he never dreamed possible. But she has other unknown-and dangerous-powers. Now, as Magnus seeks to avenge a brother and protect a king, the young beauty could prove his greatest ally-or his ultimate undoing . . .

This is a great start to a trilogy that brings historical Scotland to life. The research I imagine that goes into this book makes it enjoyable, I love the feel and wonder of Scotland through Ms Scott’s words.

Magnus (Mag) Galbraith is wounded and on the run as he enters the forests of Tur-Meiloach with three men in pursuit. As he hides in a tree, he sees a young woman approach the men who tell her that they are following an escaped prisoner from Arrochar. She tell them they must leave the region and when they refuse and confront her she blows a whistle and the hawks from around the area attack the men forcing them to flee. Believing she is alone, she is surprised when Mag drops out of the trees. Andrena (Dree) is the clan leader’s oldest daughter at nineteen; she has a gift that enables her to sense people around her and their emotions, however she completely missed sensing Mag.

Mag was captured nineteen months ago by Parlan Pharlain after a bitter fight that killed his brother William. His father disowned him when Mag persuaded William to fight with him against Pharlain. Finally after nineteen months the opportunity came to escape with the added incentive that he had learned some important information he needed to tell the King (Jamie).

Andrew MacFarlan (clan leader) fled his home in Arrochar nineteen years ago when he was forced out by his cousin (Pharlain) who claimed Andrew abandoned his land, Pharlain then claimed the land and the title. However Andrew fled with his wife and young daughter after his sons were murdered and those from Pharlain pursued them. Andrew has made it clear that he now needs son’s to help him get back his land and wants his oldest daughter to marry as soon as an appropriate man is found. The one stipulation is that the man must take the MacFarlan name. So when Dree and Mag meet in the forest and she takes him back home she mentions that her father may want them to marry, which he does.

Mag tells Andrew about his family and the problems he may face when he goes home. He believes his father wanted to remain neutral or at least be supportive to those in control as many thought Jamie was too young and too English to govern. So after the wedding Mag and Dree set off to find the King to tell him of the threats. As they travel, Dree is frustrated that she can’t read Mag; he has controlled his emotions during captivity to avoid being noticed and now it is hard for him to feel again.

They gain the king’s audience and tell him about what was heard while in captivity. Jamie is angry and sends him off on a task to find out where Mag’s fathers loyalties lie. While visiting, they talk of forgiveness and a future, and as they work toward a war that they know will happen, they gather others that are loyal to Jamie.

The dangers they face together help Mag and Dree become closer and when Mag must fight with others and leave Dree behind she is sure of his feelings as he drops the emotional wall surrounding him and she starts to sense his feelings.

This is the first book of a trilogy that is rich with Scottish history and lore. I enjoyed reading the historical aspects of the story as it is such an interesting time period. The romance seems secondary to the build-up toward the conflict that is coming in the future books. I did like both Dree and Mag together; it felt right the first time they met. She is practical yet wants what everyone wants, love friendship and respect which is what Mag gives her. The other characters are enjoyable and I look forward to meeting them again with the other two books.

I give The Laird’s Choice by Amanda Scott 3.5 stars!

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