The Summer He Came Home by Juliana Stone (The Bad Boy Of Crystal Lake #1)

The Summer He Came Home by Juliana StoneAvailable: April 2, 2013 Amazon/B&N

Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Sourcebooks

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

Sometimes the best place to find love is right back where you started…

Falling asleep in a different bed every night has made it easy for Cain Black to forget his past. It’s been ten years since he packed his guitar and left Crystal Lake to chase his dreams. Now tragedy has forced him home again. And though Cain relishes the freedom of the road, one stolen moment with Maggie O’Rourke makes him wonder if he’s missing out on something bigger than fame.

For Maggie—single mother and newly settled in Crystal Lake—love is a luxury she just can’t afford. Sure, she appreciates the tall, dark and handsome looks of prodigal son Cain Black. But how long can she expect the notorious hellion to stay?

The last thing either of them wants is something complicated. But sometimes love has its own plans.


I. Loved. This. Book. That’s all folks, just read it……………..

Ok fine, I guess I can tell you a few more things that made me love the book since you seem to need more. Cain has come home for a sad occasion. Jesse, one of his best friends funeral. Though Cain hasn’t been back to the small town in many years when he hears of the death he hurrys  home. He left the town and his three best friends destined for stardom and years later he has achieved that status on the stage as lead singer for popular rock band. His personal life wasn’t so lucky and one failed marriage later he’s not in any hurry to start anything new.

The first person he sees upon returning is a precocious little boy who he immediately likes. He also falls hard and quickly for the boys mother Maggie who seems to be a loner of her own choosing. Maggie makes him feels as if his life of fortune and fame has been missing something. A spark he wasn’t even aware of.

Maggie is hiding from her past and more specifically an abusive husband intent on tracking her down and taking her son from her. The small town offers her a place to earn a living that won’t result in her being found. Dating Cain isn’t smart and the threat to being found is heightened if pictures were to get out. Not to mention every woman in town wants a piece of him too and Maggie is just everyones maid.

Juliana Stone weaves a romantic story from start to finish that gives readers everything they could possibly want. The emotional turmoil she gives her characters makes for great reading. Cain is so conflicted. Not only with himself and dealing with the death of his friend, but with his surviving friends as well and how they have grown apart in the years since he left town. Each guy having had a life of their own that didn’t turn out exactly as planned.

The subtle warming of Cain and Maggie’s relationship felt fluid and right. There was never a boring part of the book and I felt entwined in the story. Maggie is skittish, rightfully so, and Cain has to tread lightly if he wants to get anywhere with her. Finding a woman who doesn’t care that he’s a rockstar is a breath of fresh air to him and he’s determined to make it work.

Jake (the brother of Jesse) and Raine (Jesse’s wife)  have the next story and I can’t wait. Well I’ll have to since it’s not until December but I’ll deal. They have a dark back story that seems to be taunt with tension and now guilt for the reemergence of feelings after Jakes death. Raines insistence to use stored sperm to have Jesse’s baby puts Jake over the edge knowing that it’s mainly her grieving that’s driving her.

The Summer He Came Home is an excellent contemporary romance wrought with emotion that guarantees readers will be sucked into the story for it’s entirety. Stone’s transition to contemporary is seamless and a sure fire win!

I give The Summer He Came Home by Juliana Stone 4.50 stars!


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