One Cobweb

I came home from work today and stared at a cobweb. Literally. It was in the kitchen laughing at me until Bill left for work. I then pulled out a step stool to reach the furthest corner and rid myself of this household menace. While teetering precariously on the step stool I glanced to the left and noticed that the top of my cabinets were kinda dusty. Well, now that I had seen the dust it had to be cleaned or else the thought of the dusty cabinets would keep me up at night…I’m not joking. So I poured myself a bucket of Murphy’s Oil Soap and went about cleaning the tops. But why stop there? So I cleaned the front of all the cabinets. Then I thought “the woodwork needs done”. So I set about cleaning all the woodwork on my main floor. I worked my way slowly to the bottom of the stairs and looked at the walls. Dirty little finger prints all over the place…so up the stairs I went with my rag and Murphy’s. Got to the top of the stairs and thought that I might as well do the woodwork upstairs. 40 minutes later Im staring at a dusty WALL. How the hell does a wall get dusty? Don’t ask me, I have no clue. I ended up wiping most of the walls down in my sons room. Even his curtains had to come down and be thrown in the wash. As I was once again preforming a balancing act on my stepstool to get the curtains, I noticed his ceiling fan was dirty…so I not only wiped that one down, but the two others upstairs too. Then of course it has to be vacuumed…and while I had that out I went ahead and did the main floor too. Even though I had just swept maybe two hours prior. What? There were footprints in the carpet! It had to be done. While vacuuming I thought I should probably mop the kitchen and bathroom while I was cleaning. I mean, why wait when I’ve got most of the stuff out already. So that came next after I put the curtains in the dryer. I went to start dinner but got distracted by some dirt inside the cabinet I was getting rice from. So everything got pulled out and the shelf got wiped down. I did get our chicken dinner in the oven finally. Only after the boy came down grumbling about being hungry. Yeah, yeah, I’ve been trying to get dinner on for two hours now! ONE COBWEB……

This is the story of my life. This happens all the time. My husband likes to tell me that I have a undiagnosed case of OCD. He’s probably right. We won’t tell him that though. I don’t like tipping the balance of power. I never admit that he’s correct unless there is no way to get around it. He gloats.

The moral of the story? Maybe being blind wouldn’t be so bad. At least then one cobweb wouldn’t occupy my life for two hours…..

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