When the proverbial shit hits the fan…

So, I’ve been absent for a few blogging days. This is because quite simply my world is falling apart. Husband got “laid-off” on Monday. However, on the measly pay they were giving him, unemployment won’t mean much to me. We could barely pay our bills with that, let alone 40% of it. Guess we don’t have to worry about their awful excuse for insurance anymore huh? Seriously, everyone still there needs to just cancel that abomination to the insurance industry. A $10,000 deductible before anything is covered? Come on. Why don’t you just tell your employees to bend over…that would at least be over quicker. Family oriented my ass…business oriented, let’s be real.

If he doesn’t find a job within a week we will probably have to move because we won’t be able to pay our rent. Let’s face it, in this economy that’s probably not likely. I work but still don’t make enough to cover everything…not even half of everything sadly. I even went down to the dreaded family services and found a normal person to sit next to. Though I got there at 7:30am so most of the real creepers were probably still passed out somewhere. My case worker was real nice though, so that was a breath of fresh air. Most times it’s like the people down there hate the world. Not that I blame them really, I’ve seen the people they deal with. Still, it’s nice to get a good one every now and again.

Then there is the state of my marriage. Since 50% of marriages end in divorce and a lot of those divorces center around money and stress over money…well it’s not looking so good right now.Anyone have room for me, 2 kids and at least 1 dog?

So in the span of a week, my world has fell apart. I was hoping blogging about it would make me feel better. It has not. Damn.

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