The Italian by Lisa Marie Rice

The Italian by Lisa Marie RiceAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Romantic Suspense/Erotic Romance

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

Designer Jamie McIntyre is on a working vacation in Palermo, Sicily, soaking up the sunshine and the art, trying to contact a former law student of her grandfather’s. She’s thinking “nerd in a suit”. But Judge Stefano Leone is as far from a boring suit as possible. He’s also the toughest, sexiest man she’s ever met, in bed and out. There’s no resisting his commanding presence—or his beautiful body. Jaime quickly falls under his mesmerizing spell. 

Until she’s forced to make an impossible choice. 

Stefano Leone is closing in on one of the most dangerous mobsters on earth. He’s surrounded by armed men, his life under constant threat. He’s not had time for sex in years, let alone love. The beautiful American woman, however, slips right under his guard and into his bed…and his heart. But does she truly want Stefano? Or has she been sent to seduce him—or worse?


Jamie has been looking for some inspiration in Italy while also trying to track down her grandfather’s prized past student who seems to be as elusive as his business practices. When she finally gains access she finds an enigmatic man who sets her blood on fire with every look he sends her way. His touch ignites a passion in Jamie she doesn’t know how to respond to but his commanding presence insists she learn….quickly.

It has been years since Stefano has let himself think about anything except bringing closure to his mobster case. He’s finally getting close to taking the operation down and in walks Jamie who represents everything that is right and that he can’t have. Allowing himself to feel again comes easily, letting her go does not.

I enjoyed the writing in The Italian but I think the story lacked a thrill. It was too short for me to get invested in the characters and for a romantic suspense there was much, well, suspense. Not much happens in the respect of the mobsters Stefano is so dedicated to taking down, until near the very end. What does happen doesn’t really involve Jamie directly and I was a little let down by that. The mobsters go all the way to the US to terrorize someone else when Stefano’s woman is basically right down the street. Why not just take her and really bring Stefano to his knees?

The book is mainly Jamie and Stefano laying low because he can’t go out in public, and sex. Lots of sex. Which is why I added in my own classification as an erotic romance. The sex is plentiful, and decently hot but not in any way original. So while it was nice…I wasn’t having any problems sitting on my couch if you catch my drift.

I will try something longer from Ms Rice because the writing was descriptive and I think, given more time, I could have enjoyed these characters on more then just on a surface level.

I give The Italian by Lisa Marie Rice 3 stars!

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