How To Seduce An Angel In 10 Days by Saranna DeWylde (10 Days #3)

How To Seduce An Angel In 10 Days by Saranna DeWyldeAvailable: Feb 26 2013 Amazon/B&N

Type: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Kensington

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki


Drusilla “Tally” Tallow does. Both fallen and otherwise because she’s got ten days of Heavenly and Infernal Parole after knocking Falcon Cherrywood from his broom. All she wanted was to settle down with a nice warlock, have babies, and grow old together. But she’s got a bad habit of falling for the wrong warlock. She blames Cupid. Too bad her Heavenly Parole Officer is none other than the heart bandit himself—the newly appointed Cupid and current fixture in all her fantasies, Falcon Cherrywood.

After smiting Cupid with a fireball, Falcon Cherrywood must now play the Diapered Archer. He can’t think of anything more humiliating than flying around in pink wings shooting arrows into hopeless fools. Archery was never his strong suit and Falcon doesn’t even believe in love. But more troubling are the feelings his sinfully irresistible parolee sets off in him—for only Tally has the power to make him believe in things better left to fairy tales, like Happily Ever After.


Saranna DeWylde is steadily working up my list of go-to authors with every book she releases! I find this series to be highly engaging and hilarious with How To Seduce An Angel In Ten Days being no exception.

Tally has made some mistakes in her life, the biggest being letting an ancient evil take her body over and rocking the entire witching community. Her actions have made her an outcast which is really how she’s seen herself for years anyway. Even her best friends family her been treating her differently. Except Falcon, the inspiration behind all her “one handed” sexual fantasies. She’s been half in love with him her entire life, but when the evil inside her knocked him off his broom to his death the only way to save him was to force him into a new job as Cupid. A job he doesn’t believe in because he doesn’t believe in love. Now he smells like cotton candy and has pink wings. His first job? Making sure Tally stays on the heavenly side and doesn’t listen to the “devil” on her other shoulder, a demon named Ethelred.

Tally has such low self esteem that she hides behind her sassy wit and pure sex appeal. She didn’t think she deserved a happy ever after before the evil took her over. Now she has even less belief in her story including herself being happy. Though Falcon denies he doesn’t believe in love, he is adamant in making her believe herself worth of being happy. He refuses to fail where she is concerned, even if that means in the end he might die himself. Tally was a strong female character but her self esteem was holding her back. As she and Falcon got closer she started to realize the kind of power she had and how she could use it to finally make amends for her past. Learning to be selfless without regard for yourself was a central theme and happiness was the reward.

Tally and Falcon definitely have some hot scenes but what I enjoyed most about them was that their relationship was born out of a life long friendship that they shared. Falcon, for as much he resisted, sure experienced every feeling a man in a relationship would feel right down to the bone deep jealousy regarding Ethelred. He was protective and fierce and honestly, who doesn’t want a man who tastes and smells like cotton candy?

How To Seduce An Angel In 10 Days had everything I enjoy in a light-hearted paranormal romance. A smoldering hero complete with pretty pink wings who needs to embrace life, a heroine who is stronger then she gives herself credit for and a supporting cast of characters who pop off the page. Hilarity ensues and I found myself laughing at the hijinx Tally experiences along her journey. Not many authors can work in a 5 foot tall walking, talking vajazzeled vajayjay into a book and make it work. But DeWylde can and does which resulted in me laughing so hard at work that I couldn’t answer the phone until I got myself under control. Loved this book! In a sea of dark gritty books, How To Seduce An Angel In 10 Days is a welcome distraction that is well written and exceptional!


I give How To Seduce An Angel In 10 Day by Saranna DeWylde 4.50 stars! 



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