Dark Wolf Rising by Rhyannon Byrd (Bloodrunners #4)

Dark Wolf Rising by Rhyannon ByrdAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Harlequin

My Copy: NetGalley

Reviewer: Nikki

Eric Drake, a powerful Dark Wolf, has never trusted himself around human females—preferring to mate only within his pack. That is, until he encounters Chelsea Smart snooping around Silvercrest pack land in search of her missing sister.

Secretly, Chelsea thinks Eric is the sexiest man she’s ever seen, though she is wary of his potent Alpha energy. Then it’s discovered that Chelsea’s sister is being held by a pack of vicious Lycans, and Eric heroically leaps into action. Now, Chelsea will risk everything—her body and soul—to surrender to the passion that will mark her as Eric’s woman for all eternity…if they survive.


Rhyannon Byrd usually proves to be a winner in my book and I’m happy to say Dark Wolf Riding was an enjoyable read. I didn’t know this was the 4th book in a series when I picked it up and I didn’t really have any problems reading it so I will say it’s okay to read as a stand alone.

Eric has been trying to keep his people together after the brutal dissension in the ranks that had his own father turning against their people in an attempt to take over. With his death Eric inherited his problems and with everyone now leery of him he spends most of his time patrolling their land and watching out for trouble.

Looking for her sister and running low on funds Chelsea decides to spend the night in her car in the woods. When the dangerously sexy Eric approaches her demanding she get off their land for “her protection” she figures he must know something about her sisters whereabouts. Though he doesn’t she’s incredibly persistent and he agrees to help her look.

It took me quite awhile to warm up to Chelsea because she starts the book out being an incredible pain in the ass. I figured her as a bitch and thought Eric was being incredibly nice helping this woman out because she was just so bull headed and unwilling to listen to reason. It’s difficult to get on board with a character like that. She doesn’t start to let down her walls until she gets dosed with sexually arousing drugs that make her need to rely on Eric for….ummmmm….help. Heh. And help he did. That semi sex scene goes on FOREVER. Never let it be said that Byrd doesn’t know how to front the sexy. Chelsea has such a hard time trusting Eric and goes as far as leaving him at the worst possible time. I wanted to throttle her because he lays everyone out for her and she just walks away. Her fears rule her and learning to let them go is incredibly hard for her.

Byrd’s Lycan books focus a lot on the animalistic side without having characters shifting all the time. Sight and smell as well as protectiveness are what the characters rely on making shifting unnecessary until a fight scene which generally don’t happen until towards the end. She relies on her characters connections and interactions which works sometimes and other time I’m left wanting Eric to just shift and eat some bad guys. 🙂

Overall I enjoyed this one even with my issues with the heroine. When I crack open a Byrd book I know she’ll transport me to her world with her colorful writing and hot heros who know no boundaries when it comes to their women.

I give Dark Wolf Rising by Rhyannon Byrd 3.25 stars! 


  1. Mmmm sounds like one I would enjoy even if the heroine is a pain…but as long as the hero is sexy I am all for it LOL Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I enjoyed your review on this one!!! Hope you had a great V Day. Happy Reading!

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