Surrender by Sue Lyndon (Alien Warrior #1)

Surrender by Sue LyndonAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Sci Fi Erotic Romance

Publisher: Etopia Press

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

Love with the enemy can be the ultimate surrender…

Fiona Lockhart struggles to survive after Earth is conquered by powerful aliens. She knows it’s only a matter of time before her schizophrenic mother acts out at the wrong time and place and brings down the wrath of their captors. So when turncoats offer Fiona a way to keep her mother safe, she can’t refuse—even though it means marrying a Kall warrior and posing as the First Daughter, Betsy Carson.

Kall warrior Merokk has mixed feelings about marrying a human woman, but it’s his duty and he can’t refuse. He enjoys taming the headstrong Betsy, and a good spanking now and then makes the passion burn. The sex is sizzling, and as the months pass, Merokk discovers the feelings for his little wife run deep. But when he learns of her deceit after the real Betsy Carson surfaces, Merokk’s new world shatters. Can he learn to forgive Fiona, or will he spend the rest of their lives punishing her for a crime she never wanted to commit?

Forced to pose as the First Daughter in order to save her mother, Fiona vows to never fall in love with the alien warrior she has been betrothed to. What she doesn’t expect is how quickly her body betrays her and warms instantly to the enemy. Merrok’s body fits perfectly with her own and his taste for bdsm makes her continually crave his touch. But will Merrok still love her when he finds out who she really is?

Sue Lyndon excels at the smut fest and now she can add sci fi to her repertoire. I enjoyed this for what it was, a short, erotic read based 95% on sexy times and 5% on story. Because there isn’t much of a story with this one. Aliens have come to earth and won in a brutal war. As peace is being restored an elite number of Kall warriors are being married to human women of importance. When the First Daughter who is intended for Merrok goes missing, shadowy gov’t agents convince Fiona to pose as Betsy in exchange for the safe keeping of her schizophrenic mother.  She marries the warrior and quickly goes against everything she thought she knew and falls head over heels with the alien who touches her in all the right places.

Merrok is highly fond of punishment for the discretions of Betsy/Fiona and there is quite a bit of spanking going on throughout the book. The sex was hot but not inventive. I enjoy how these alien erotic romances make the male aliens basically like us though with subtle differences. The act of her lying to him comes out with absolutely no warning or explanation…it just is and readers are expected to go with it.   I’m not fond of being told to simply go with it because I’m an analytical reader who needs explanations which don’t always get given in short novels.

Surrender is hot. It’s erotic. It’s full of alien goodness. I will continue to read more by Sue Lyndon as she grows into her own in the erotic romance community. I look forward to more world building in future books as we learn more about this race of aliens humans are now expected to work alongside.

I give Surrender by Sue Lyndon 3.75 stars! 

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