Rapid Hearts by Rachael Ruddick

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Type: Contemporary Romance/ Erotica


My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Michelle

Jessica, a kayaker, arrives in the Athlete’s Village for the Olympics after a nightmare trip from Oklahoma to discover her ex-husband standing in her apartment! With the same last name and initials, their bookings have been merged, and with the whole town sold out, Jessica has no option but to share accomodation. As their chemistry instantly begins to sizzle, the room’s only bed begins to beckon!

The Games hold a special significance to the couple, as they’d met at the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics four years ago. Jessica, young and naïve, left Jake after a whirlwind romance to try to find herself, taking a devastating secret with her.

Now reunited, Jessica falls straight back in love with the man she selfishly walked out on three years ago, and struggles to keep her head on the Games as the stakes get higher- both in the water and in her heart.

Can Jake forgive her for leaving? And will he trust her to stay forever this time?


It can be frustrating to review a short story romance because most of the time there isn’t enough time to fill the book with very much of anything. It’s difficult for an author to perrfectly flesh out characters, provide a strong, believable plot and give the reader plenty of romance, sex and emotion…. all in under a hundred pages. While I really liked the idea of this book, the whole thing fell a little short.

I love the Olympics and stories about athletes. I love stories about second chances, and that’s what this book was. Jessica and Jake are kayakers who met and fell in love at the Olympics. Following a whirlwind courtship, they were married and planned to build a life together. Unfortunately she couldn’t quite settle for various reasons and her love for him wasn’t enough to keep her there. Fast forward to the next Olympics, where thanks to a scheduling mishap, they are forced to share an apartment. It doesn’t take long for their passion to reignite, despite her being determined to keep her distance and Jake holding a grudge and wanting her to answer for how she treated him.

I liked Jake a lot. I thought the author did a good job of portraying how a man in his position would handle things. He was bitter about her leaving and had tried to move on, but seeing Jessie again brings his feelings back to the surface. At first he plans to just give in to the attraction and then be the one to walk away from her. He soon discovers, though, that along with his passion, his love for her is also rekindled and he knows he wants her in his life. I thought he was a strong, caring, honest hero.

The problem for me with this book was Jessie. She seemed very immature (it was hard for me to believe she was actually 28) and never seemed very sincere with Jake. Sure, she had the hots for him, and her feelings for him never really disappeared, but she seemed to hold it against HIM that she couldn’t handle their marriage. The reasons Jessie gave for abandoning him were so cliche it was ridiculous.

The sex scenes were very matter of fact and almost clinical, but I did like the chemistry between these two. They were sexy together and Jake was very romantic. I like an author who knows how to write an epilogue, and this book had a great one – extremely touching and left me with a warm, happy feeling.

I give Rapid Hearts by Rachael Ruddick 3.5 stars.

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