Mine To Chase by Luarann Dohner

Mine to Chase by Luarann DohnerAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Erotic Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

Jasmine met the guy of her dreams and lost him. She’s spent a year filled with lustful fantasies and soul-deep yearning for a man who didn’t want her. Now she is locked away in a dark hole, kidnapped by a madman, her life almost over. She’ll never know what could have been, if only he’d felt the same. 

She was supposed to be his but Chase walked away. To protect her from his world. He’s a mixed-breed—vampire and werewolf—and his list of enemies is endless. His mission is to hunt down and kill a rogue vampire who’s preying on humans, but what he finds changes everything. She’s one of the victims. Instinct demands he protect her, possess her. He won’t be denied again. Everything Jasmine thinks she knew is about to change. This time he’s keeping her.


This is going to be a short and sweet review. Ok maybe not sweet per say. I didn’t like this one, let me tell you why. I enjoy the hell out of a good novella. Getting right to the chase (ha funny b/c that’s the characters name too) and having a story told to me in a shortened version. *IF* it’s done right. Something vital was missing in Mine To Chase. The heat between Chase and Jasmine felt manufactured. Fake. Not there. Chase and Jasmine had previously met when she served as his realtor though nearly a year has passed. Chase is half werewolf and half vampire, a combo nobody seems to like because it makes him a threat to both sides. He acts as an enforcer and a leader to his pack though every single one of them would love nothing more then to take him down.

Unbeknownst to him Jasmine has been taken hostage by a volatile murdering vampire who Chase has been sent to dispatch. Finding Jasmine in his clutches and near death sends him over the edge and engages his mating instinct. He decides he HAS to mate her. To keep her safe. Except everyone now wants her dead because he mated a human. Didn’t make one lick of sense to me. Dohner goes out of her way to immediately pose a threat to Jasmine by adding a female intent on making Chase her mate. Arry shows up all mouthy and trying to convince Chase to leave the pesky human to die and instead run off with her. Perfect set up for a further conflict. Except Chase tells her no and that’s that. Instead towards the end another female shows up named Kim…and the exact same thing happens!

Add to this that Jasmine is incredibly weak. She’s wishy washy and can’t make up her mind. She’s backed into a corner but the sex is just so good she can’t form a rational thought. She never fights back. Even when faced with death, holding a gun in her hands….SHE FAINTS. Um no. Just no. I can’t do fainting heroines.

I’ve enjoyed Dohner’s books in the past. I’m sure I’ll enjoy them in the future. They all center around sex as an erotic romance, but this just didn’t do it for me. This one I can’t recommend.

I give Mine To Chase by Luarann Dohner 2.50 stars. 


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