The Earl In My Bed by Sophie Jordan (Forgotten Princess 2.5)

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Type: Historical Romance

Publisher: Avon

My Copy: Edelweiss

Reviewer: Pam

Intended for one man…

All her life, everyone assumed Paget Ellsworth, the vicar’s daughter, would marry the Earl of Winningham’s youngest son. And when he left for war with his older brother, Jamie, words and promises were not necessary. She would wait.

But destined for another…

Four years pass, and the death of his father forces Jamie home to take up the reins as the new earl, leaving his brother fighting on the front lines a world away. Maddening, infuriating, sexy Jamie makes Paget question her feelings. One glimpse, one word from him awakens desire in her heart. When a simple kiss spirals out of control at the annual Valentine’s Day ball, she realizes the man she never wanted is the man she needs…but will Paget cast aside all she’s ever thought to be true to win the man of her dreams?

Paget Ellsworth is the daughter of the village vicar and has wonderful memories of growing up with her two best friends, Brand and Owen, two brothers that adored her. Their other brother, Jamie never was around; he was standoffish and condescending toward her, even telling Brand that he should know better than to consort with a girl like her. Jamie received a face full of manure from Paget over that comment and she never regretted it. She now faces a future without them as Brand is dead and Owen is fighting a war in India.

Jamie is now the Earl of Winningham; Brand died slowly as Paget sat by him until the end. Brand was always the weak one, never able to keep up with her and Owen. During his sickness, while the other girls in the village were making marriage matches she was taking care of him. Jamie appreciates what Paget did for his brother, however does not know how to show it.

Jamie had been such an arrogant boy, so full of jealously and anger. Brand was the heir and Owen the beloved son from a second marriage and Jamie always felt like the outsider so he hid his sorrow showing an outward appearance of arrogance.

Paget often writes Owen letters and wonders if he ever receives them as he never replies, Jamie tells her that the war has changed Owen; but that he has not forgotten her and when he comes home he will be coming home to her. Paget says that there was never an understanding between Owen and her and she does not feel that way about him, just as a friend, Jamie is amazed as he and everyone always thought that their future was set. Jamie is unsure what to think or do as his world just changed.

This is a very entertaining novella that sets up the next book about Owen. I enjoyed the banter between the Paget and Jamie and felt the tug when Jamie talked about his lonely childhood and how he felt like an outsider in his own family. Paget is the fun loving daughter of the vicar and seems to be always thinking of others. She felt deeply for her two friends that have been away from her these past years. Owen seems like an intriguing character and I am looking forward to his book.

I give The Earl in My Bed by Sophia Jordan 3.5 stars! 



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