Finding Jordie by H.J. Harley

Finding Jordie by HJ HarleyAvailable: February 11, 2013 Amazon/B&N

Type: Contemporary Romance/Suspense

Publisher: Crimson Romance

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

Jordie is a survivor, tough, and independent. She’s had to be, since her husband was killed in Iraq. For the last eight years, raising her daughter and owning a popular New York City bar has kept Jordie plenty busy, leaving her no time for much of anything else. Aside from her sassy yet squirrely best friend Rachel, Jordie’s social life is bare bones and her love life nonexistent. Truth be told she wouldn’t change a thing; she’s never been happier. 

Then she meets Nathan, and he changes everything with one crooked smile, triggering a chain of life altering events for the two of them, filled with romance, chaos and deadly peril. Neither of them could ever imagine their relationship would resurrect an unknown darkness from Jordie’s past, lurking in the shadows, just waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Jordie has never needed to be stronger for all of them to make it out alive.


H.J. Harley’s debut novel was one I enjoyed from beginning to end. Jordie, though fierce, is a complex character who has dealt with her life by being an extraordinary mother, business owner and friend.

Single mother, Jordie, has had to grow up fast and take care of the things that are the most important to her. Taking a huge back burner is her love life until she meets Nathan, who happens to be a movie star. Not that Jordie knows this because she doesn’t have a smart phone and she hardly ever watches tv. Being thrust into the limelight brings challenges that her and her daughter have never experienced. It also brings a deadly stalker right to her doorstep and threatens everything she holds dear. 

As a first novel from any author, there are things that I both loved and things I felt needed some work. I was impressed with the writing of Ms. Harley and thought she executed the novel fairly well. Jordie and Nathan work well together. Nathan finds Jordie a breath of fresh air because she had no idea who he was and so she certainly wasn’t out for his money. He takes such awesome care of her and her daughter that you just had to love him. Nathan goes out of his way to insure the protection of Jordie, but more importantly, her daughter. Though it was a bit odd that Jordie could afford the prestedious school her daughter already attended, once informed of danger lurking, from paparazzi and later, a stalker, Nathan doesn’t hesitate to close ranks and offer them both all the security at his disposal.  

I enjoyed Jordie’s character and felt her emotions were real to those of any average everyday woman. She was nervous of Nathan’s involvement in her life and fought hard to maintain she was independent even in ties when she needed to step back. Having come from an abusive relationship and closing herself off for years she was naturally reluctant to let him in. Watching her blossom was simply good reading. Jordie spends a lot of time thinking about her pitter-pattering heart and that part did get a bit repetitious. I was like…ok, I get it…do it! But you know me, I like to get to the sexing. 🙂 

My biggest gripe comes from the very last section of the book. I don’t want to give anything away so sorry for my vagueness. Sometimes an author thinks there needs to be a shock value. Sometimes authors go a bit overboard in trying to create that shock value. The climax of the book in which the stalker is shown is really really great. Except that’s not the end. There is an entire section after that just kinda ticked me off. It felt out of place. Thrown in to perhaps keep the book going and reach a word count. Then everything is all tidy and hunky dory with the snap of my fingers. It just felt out of place and I wished the author would have just stopped after the stalker and tied things up there. 

Overall, I really liked this book! H.J. Harley has a strong voice that integrates humor and emotion seamlessly. This is definitely one reader who will be on the lookout for more!

I give Finding Jordie by H.J. Harley 4 stars! 

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