Rebel by Kristina Douglas (The Fallen #4)

RebelAvailable: March 26, 2013 Amazon/B&N

Type: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Pocket

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

A rebel angel who lives outside the world of the Fallen, Cain makes his own rules. Now he’s returned to make trouble, and he sets his sights on the unreliably psychic Martha. She has no interest in getting romantically involved with Cain, especially when she can tell he has ulterior motives. But when a mysterious figure tries to kill Martha, she and Cain must work together to uncover the villain. The heat between Martha and Cain grows undeniable, even as chaos and disaster threaten the very existence of the Fallen.


Apparently everyone hates Cain. Which is fine with Cain because he hates everyone anyway. Still looking to settle a score from years ago when the other Fallen watched as the angels gutted his woman. He now is infiltrating them in order to gain their trust and destroy them from the inside out. He was not expecting a mousy  mostly human widow to a Fallen to capture his interest. Known as a lothario, he could have his pick of any woman in the compound. Even the mated ones. Martha, the seer, provides a unique opportunity to Cain. Fill her visions with what he wants her to see so she will lull the Fallen into a sense of security. Then he can spring his trap and finally get retribution for his lost love.

I have not read the prior books in this series. While I hate coming into something in the middle I will say that Douglas does a good job of filling in the gaps about prior books. I wanted to like this one but after thinking on it for about a week I’ve decided that just isn’t the case. I mean it was okay but in the end if all I have to say is “meh” then that can’t be good.

Cain has this set up to be a big, bad alpha type guy. He has this shadowy past and all this rage that has built up inside him just rearing to get out. Yet I never saw him as more then an arrogant prick. Something just didn’t work. There wasn’t enough light to the dark I guess. While there are a few steamy scenes between Martha and Cain they were in her dreams. Cain was giving her the visions. Once they were actually together it just wasn’t as good. The actual sex lacked originality and was boring. He never truly shows his human or emotional side. He never actually gives her any indication that he’s not a giant asshole.  Yet, this being a romance, they end up together.

Add to this that Martha was like a devout saint since her mate died..even though it seems abundantly clear that they were only ever lukewarm in the romance department. At one point, except for the polite sex they had, her memories of him were more fatherly then anything. And it kinda icks me out.

So the fact that I didn’t read the other books didn’t really hinder anything in respect to this book. I just didn’t like the hero and heroine together. Had Cain been more then one dimensional and Martha been more vivid, this might have been savable.

I give Rebel by Kristina Douglas 2.5 stars! 

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