Protector by Nancy Northcott (The Protectors #1.5)

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Type: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Forever

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

When firefighter and paramedic Edie Lang arrives to battle a wildfire in southeast Georgia’s Okefenokee Swamp, she’s dismayed to encounter the man who ruined her life in just one night. Their reunion doesn’t make helicopter pilot Josh Campbell any happier than Edie is. Despite their efforts to ignore each other, the sparks between them have not diminished, but neither intends to let them flare again.

When one of them is gravely injured, the two discover their passion runs deeper than either of them could have imagined and they have Dr. Stefan Harper to thank for that chance.

Dr. Harper is happy to have given the couple a second chance, but realizes through Josh and Edie, as well as his good friends Val and Griff, that what’s missing from his life is love.


I picked up Protector on a whim because I hadn’t heard of this author before and figured I’d check out a shorter novella before I invested the time in a full length. I liked the mage aspect that this series provided but I have to say I thought there would be more action then there was. Edie and Josh have a prior history from a few years before the novella starts. They were an “almost” item but Josh backed off, took off, and Edie marginally moved on. She still carries a torch for him but has tried to avoid him as he has her. They are thrown back together when a forest fire requires helicopter pilot Josh to drop firefighter Edie off in a remote location to save some fellow firefighters. Edie happens upon a magical box that attaches itself to her and Josh and drains all their magic. As they scramble to find out the origins of the object that is slowly killing them, the raw emotional connection they share flares to life once more.

My biggest problem with Protector was that it felt very slow when usually novellas are all about fast, trying to get information in as quick as possible. There are large stretches of time where seemingly nothing happens as Edie and Josh fight the pull they feel towards each other. Because of that I didn’t really feel connected to them. I admit I wanted to skim often. Characters from book one do make an appearance but the author isn’t real intent on giving much of a back story instead focusing on the evolving relationship of the main characters. So there are things that I didn’t quite understand with the ongoing story arc. I did enjoy when Edie and Josh finally succumbed to their feelings. The love scenes are tame so it should appeal to several levels of romance readers. Josh and his ongoing attitude of not wanting to become involved in a relationship with a woman who has a dangerous job was a highlight for me. I liked seeing him finally understand that he couldn’t control his response to Edie and that he had to compromise.

Northcott seems to ramble endlessly in her attempts to set the scene and convey the emotion but in the end it fell flat for me. I think if you enjoyed books one, then you will enjoy this one. However this isn’t a series I would continue.

I give Protector by Nancy Northcott 2.75 stars

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