Heart Of The Demon by Cynthia Garner (Warriors Of The Rift #3)

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Type: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Grand Central

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

Warriors of the Rift

Once a generation, the rift between the paranormal world and the human world opens, allowing supernatural entities to cross. Vampire, demon, or shapeshifter, they can save the world—or send it spiraling into chaos.

The next opening of the rift is coming—and its consequences will be deadly. A rogue group of human-hating preternaturals is planning an apocalyptic attack, but the Council of Preternaturals may have found the key to saving the world: Keira O’Brien, a fey with a long criminal record, whose empathic abilities once made her the queen of con artists. If she successfully infiltrates the dangerous faction, the sins of her past will be forgiven.

Keira isn’t the only agent working against the rogue prets. Finn Evnissyen, a powerful demon with a dark lineage, is a hired assassin looking for a way out. If he stops the threat, he will finally earn his freedom. As the rift fast approaches, and danger escalates, Finn and Keira must discover if they’re on the same side—or sleeping with the enemy . . .


Book three of Garner’s Warriors Of The Rift hits readers with a bang…and as a reader who hadn’t read the the first two books in the series, the bang was informational and entertaining.

Every so often a rift between the realm where supernaturals live and earth opens up allowing them to cross. When they cross they take over a human body. Now a rogue group of supernaturals aren’t happy with just the few who manage to cross and they’re determined to bring over more then over before and overthrow the human race once and for all.

Keira is a professional con artist. Or she was until she decided to turn over a new leaf. Now she’s being asked to infiltrate the rogue group with her impressive skills and gather intel to take them down. Working undercover should be easy until she runs into the one man who threatened to make her emotional walls crash down around her.

Finn is the son of the devil and he’s tired of working for his old man. Bargaining for his freedom he agrees to go undercover in the rogue supernaturals to find out plans for his father and the governing “Council”. Seeing Keira there effects him more then it should and he becomes determined to save her from herself and the rouge group.  She deserves better then him but that doesn’t mean they can’t have some fun along the way.

I enjoyed this book a lot. There are a lot of unique aspects that I felt set it apart from other paranormal romances. The “body snatching” of humans being the biggest aspect. That’s something I expect in sci fi books, not paranormals so I liked that though I wish the author would have went into a little more detail about what exactly that entails for the humans and the transition process.  Having a “rift” was also something I found unique to this series. Again, very sci-fi. In my mind I kept picturing something like Stargate and demons/vamps and other supernaturals walking through a oil like center that separates our dimensions.

Keira and Finn together was what made the book for me though. They both had HUGE trust issues and since they were both working undercover I can understand why. Each one wanting so badly to let the other in but with such big stakes at play, both were afraid of the others true feelings. I think they each knew the other would never truly believe in the madness the rogue group was spouting but they had a extremely hard time acknowledging that. Together they had this sensual heat neither could deny, though they tried…a lot. I also liked how we got points of view from both characters. I love reading from the male POV especially and Heart Of The Demon gave me that.

I will definitely be reading more from Cynthia Garner in the future! I was completely consumed by the light and dark that Keira and Finn represented. I found her writing to be engaging, thorough and wonderfully done.

I give Heart Of The Demon by Cynthia Garner 4 stars!

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