Highland Fling by Amanda Scott (Highland #1)

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Type: Historical Romance

Publisher: Originally Publisher by Pinnacle in 1995 – rights reverted back to author

My Copy: Sent/NetGalley

Reviewer: Michelle

Scotland, 1750. In the aftermath of the Jacobite rebellion, Maggie MacDrumin vows to keep fighting to liberate her people. But the intrepid Scotswoman is risking her life for a dangerous cause. When her latest mission lands her in a London courtroom on a trumped-up larceny charge, she has only one hope of survival. Enlisting the aid of Edward Carsley, the powerful fourth Earl of Rothwell, is a two-edged sword. The seductive aristocrat who awakens treacherous desire is her clan’s mortal enemy—a man she can never trust. Edward will do whatever it takes to quell another bloody uprising. But how can he fight his passion for the rebellious Highland beauty in his safekeeping? As their lives come under siege, Maggie lays claim to the one thing Edward vowed never to surrender: his heart.

There was a fierce political separation between England and Scotland during the mid-1700s, despite Scotland officially being under English rule. This book capitalizes on that battle between countries, pitting a Scottish heroine, Maggie MacDrumin, against an English lord hero, Edward Carsley, the Earl of Rothwell. The MacDrumin clan is determined to hold onto their heritage, refusing to bow down to English laws – they continue to bear arms and smuggle whiskey, vowing that the first is necessary to protect themselves and the second is their primary means of supporting their clan. They also continue to support the Jacobite cause, which is how Maggie ends up in London.

She travels to the English city intending to deliver messages to known contacts who also support the uprising. Unfortunately her plan goes awry after taking a wrong turn and her coach is stolen, her servants are killed and she herself is accosted and injured. When Maggie winds up in court accused of theft, she realizes if her true purpose in London is discovered, the thievery charge will be the least of her problems. Alone, afraid and unsure of what to do, she confesses to an association with the Earl of Rothwell, hoping his name will be enough to help her. The earl, by English law after the rebellion, was granted the MacDrumin lands, so Maggie knows that he is her benefactor of sorts, or at the very least her landlord and the only honest connection she has in London.

Unfortunately Edward is as English as they come, determined to uphold the law and bring Jacobites to justice. He is patient, intelligent and compassionate when confronted with Maggie’s plight, however, and pledges to do his best to keep her out of trouble and get her home to her family. Of course, that does not coincide with Maggie’s plan of reaching her Jacobite friends to pass on her messages, which lands her in even more trouble. Edward knows that the best way to protect Maggie is to get her out of London, so he decides to escort her home to Scotland. In addition to getting her out of London, he also wishes to oversee how things are being handled on his land by the MacDrumin clan.

The majority of this book focused on the historical aspect of that time period. It is a good demonstration of the battle between the Scottish and the English, with true love finding a way to overcome that battle. While neither Maggie nor Edward ever gave up their beliefs in their respective countries, they were able to find common ground and eventually fall in love, despite their differences. Unfortunately someone looking for a historical romance will get a lot of historical and not a lot of romance. I would have preferred to read more about Maggie and Edward, both individually and together, with more romantic scenes included. The description of this book is way more exciting and romantic than the book ever was.

I give Highland Fling by Amanda Scott 3 stars


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