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So, there’s this unwritten law in publishing that says you have to write in one genre. I imagine a big red and white sign outside literary agencies and publishing houses, nailed to the bricks: No Genre Jumping Allowed. Multi-genre authors will be ignored.

Now, if I was, say, I don’t know, someone BIG like Meg Cabot….then I could try my hand at another genre because I was big and big people do whatever the hell they want to. Hello, life. Well, I’m not big. I’m little. In fact, I have a fledgling baby-writing career and a natural inclination to thumb authority. So, I write the stories that come to mind. Because writing is still fun for me. It’s not my job. It’s my sometimes paying hobby. Plus, I have other problems like my wild mood swings and erratic thought train. I have no idea what my “correct” genre is. Where does my voice fit? No clue. I deeply admire the writers who grew up on Harlequin or Stephen King and simply *knew* one day they too would write books on those shelves. Good on ‘em! But it’s not me.

My brain doesn’t work like that.

I works like this… TILT.

I have to write what I write when it’s in my head or it’s gone. Sometimes my heroine is in high heels, sometimes in high school, sometimes both. Hey, I’m an equal opportunity fabricator. I figure, until one of my little-novels-that-could hit the big time, I have the advantage of doing whatever I want. There’s a window ahead of me, where I’ll be put in a box – the whichever genre sells best box– and I’ll have to hone and shape my ideas to go with the paycheck. BUT. Meanwhile, if I want to write about a shape shifting wererabbit in drag who solves crime by day and runs a brothel by night, I can. Hey, afterward I can write a picture book for kids (not about the rabbit). Maybe a how to book on messy living. Possibilities are limitless.

While I can indulge my whims, I plan to. And a perfect example of this is my April release: Reinventing Chloe. Last month was a sweet romance, Written on Her Heart. This month an angsty, kick ass teen. In the fall, a cozy mystery from Carina Press and a serial killer from Merit Press releases 10 days later….plus another sweet romance the following month. *shrugs* It’s how I do.

Here’s some more about my YA mystery…


Chloe_SMReinventing Chloe by Julie Anne Lindsey

When Chloe’s completely tragic life strands her in an East Coast nightmare, the smart, sassy Texas cheerleader sets her sights on solving a local murder. Sure, her new home has no Internet, her iPhone doesn’t get a signal and there’s no mall to be found, but Chloe’s navigating a new

school, new job and a confusing new romance. Her life’s officially tragic and she’s freezing her peep toe pumps off. She needs the distraction.

When her killer curiosity lands her in the cross hairs of a suspected murderer, things go from no fun to downright deadly. He’s determined to get Chloe off his case, but someone should’ve told him Chloe’s bully proof.


About Julie

Mother of three, wife to a sane person and ringmaster at the Lindsey Circus. You can find her online day or night, amped up on coffee and wielding a book. Julie writes sweet romance for Honey Creek Books, Her debut cozy mystery arrives from Carina Press Fall 2013 and her YA suspense, Deceived releases in October from Merit Press.

Find more information about Julie Anne Lindsey at julieannelindsey.com

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