Morning Light by Cora Cade

Morning Light by Cora CadeAvailable: July 16th, 2013 Amazon/B&N

Type: Contemporary Romance (novella)

Publisher: Samhain

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Michelle

During Noah Harper’ s ten years as an Army Ranger, Tennyson Sharpe’s letters were his lifeline. With each mail call, the bright and vibrant girl of his youth slowly became the woman of his dreams.Now he’s home and he’s in hell. The problem? Tenn is his little brother’s best friend. Claiming her risks all kinds of collateral damage.

Tenn is getting nervous. Since Noah came home, they’ve been circling each other, neither willing to risk the status quo. It’s time to kick things up a notch and make a play for the man she’s loved since she was sixteen before someone else does.

Dressing to impress works better than she could have dreamed. After a scorching interlude leads to a steamy morning wrapped in each other’s arms, reality comes crashing down. Shining a devastating light on Tenn’s deepest fears and forcing Noah into scramble mode to convince her forever was always on his mind.

This book just goes to show that size doesn’t matter. Of course I’m talking about the size of the book, nothing else!! Noah Harper is just the right kind of hero: strong, protective, romantic, sexy and a little clueless when it comes to women. Tennyson Sharpe has been his brother’s best friend since they were kids, but she didn’t capture Noah’s interest until she was sixteen and he caught a glimpse of the woman she would soon become. He spent the next ten years away in the army, but they kept in touch via letters, letters that kept him grounded and connected to her.

Tenn has been in love with her best friend’s brother forever. She has always felt that Noah was way out of her league, always having seen him with beautiful girls with long legs and perfect hair. She knows she’s not his type and has resigned herself to being his friend and nothing else. That all changes when Noah realizes Tenn’s interest in him might be more than platonic. After a sexy morning interlude during which Noah’s attraction for her becomes very obvious, Tenn is scared and unsure. She enjoys their time together and wants nothing more than to be with Noah in every way. She wants him and wants him to want her, but she can’t quite believe in it. For his part, Noah knows what he wants and that’s Tennyson. He tries to move slowly because she means too much to him to risk it all going wrong, not to mention the fact that she’s his brother’s best friend. The only part I didn’t like was when Noah promised himself he would step aside if his brother wanted her AFTER he’d already been intimate with Tenn. Maybe I’ve read too many alpha male books lately, but I would have preferred more of a “She’s MINE” attitude from the tough Army Ranger.

This book had some humor and a lot of sizzle and plenty of romantic moments. I liked Tenn and Noah a lot, and the storyline was very believable. My one complaint is that everything seemed kind of glossed over. A little bit more detail, more in-depth dialogue and some more descriptive love scenes would have gone a long way toward making this an excellent book! Considering the length of the story, though, the author did a fabulous job creating a love story that was touching, romantic, sexy and very enjoyable to read!

I give Morning Light by Cora Cade 4 stars!

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