Dangerous Refuge by Elizabeth Lowell

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Type: Romantic Suspense

Publisher: William Morrow & Company

My Copy: Edelweiss

Reviewer: Pam

On the surface beautiful, quiet Shaye has little in common with dark, dangerous Tanner. He’s a suspicious big city cop come home to the historic Davis family ranch to settle his uncle’s estate. She’s working for an environmental conservancy that acquires and protects old ranches-and she wants to preserve the Davis homestead. When the suspicious death of Tanner’s uncle at his ranch throws the two opposites together, tempers flare and sparks fly. While they have trouble seeing eye to eye, Shaye and Tanner agree on one thing: they need to uncover the truth.

Combining their unique skills-Shaye’s low-key approach and local connections and Tanner’s experience as a homicide detective-the unlikely pair share long nights in the pursuit of justice. Before they know it, the friction they generate turns to heat, igniting a burning love neither ever expected to find. They believe passion this intense cannot last. But when Shaye becomes a killer’s target, Tanner realizes he’d give up anything to protect her-including his life.

There is something that just does not add up when Tanner Davis comes to town to find out about his uncle Lorne, who just passed away. In the country, you do not go out without a hat and you do not wear your city shoes while working around the ranch, which is how Lorne is found by Shayne Townsend when she goes up to talk to him about a misunderstanding. Shayne works for the

Conservancy; a non-profit company that helps keeps family ranches and farms from becoming extinct or turned into resorts and shopping centers.

Tanner Davis is a LA homicide detective who is just as tough on the inside as he looks on the outside. He left Refuge many years ago when his father and uncle stopped talking to each other and has never regretted the move. His uncle Lorne was one crusty character and you always knew where you stood with him as he let you know. He had many friends and enemies around the area. He was working with the Conservancy and Shayne to help preserve his land, until he got angry one night when Shayne’s boss gave him the wrong papers to sign. He yelled at Shayne and anyone who would listen that he felt lied to and cheated on, he changed his will the very next day making Tanner the beneficiary.

As Tanner and Shayne try to piece together the weeks before he died, the clues just keep pointing to a suspicious death. Their relationship also starts to heat up as they spend more time together, trusting no one but each other. They find that thinking of long term means someone must change their way of life, but as danger comes closer they do not want to lose each other. One clue after another sends them in different directions until Shayne finds herself in the most dangerous situation with some unstable suspects.

This is what I called a romantic suspense, full of mystery, danger and sexual chemistry that when put together works well. I have read several of Ms Lowell’s historical romances but this is the first suspense for me and I thoroughly enjoyed. It started out a little slow as we meet the characters, watch as the mystery is revealed and Shayne and Tanner get suspicious, and then wow, the story goes into high gear and hurtles you toward the gripping conclusion.

I really enjoyed the how well Tanner and Shayne fit together and worked as partners trying to find the clues to Lorne’s death. I liked that although Tanner was a rough, take no prisoners homicide detective and portrays his bad attitude to anyone that gets in his way, he always treats Shayne with respect and admiration. She even commented about how he had two different personalities at times.

The secondary characters are interesting and as you watch Shayne deal with the politics that surround her job you could not tell who was good and who was evil, as with most politicians. I did like August who was a deputy that seemed to want to do the right thing, however always on his own terms, as he had an agenda. I am not sure if there will be more than one book surrounding these characters however this is a great single title romantic suspense.

I give Dangerous Refuge by Elizabeth Lowell 4.25 stars!

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