Tiger Magic by Jennifer Ashley (Shifters Unbound #5)

Tiger Magic by Jennifer AshleyAvailable: June 4, 2013 Amazon/B&N

Type: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Berkley

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

He was once a captive, but his urges were never caged. Now he’ll release them on a beautiful stranger whose own secret desires are longing to be sated…

He doesn’t have a name. He doesn’t have a clan. The humans who held him prisoner for forty years have taken them away. He knew nothing but captivity until nearly a year ago, when he was released into the light. Now Tiger lives in the Austin Shiftertown, where he struggles to belong and searches for an identity.

Carly Randal thinks her fabulous life is complete—until her car breaks down on the side of the road, and a wild-looking Shifter is the only one to help her. Tiger takes one look at Carly and knows instantly—she will be his mate. As Carly is drawn into his Shifter world, she risks everything she has for that forbidden something she still wants: passionate love.


Ever since Tiger graced the pages in this series I’ve been hooked. He took over every scene he was in and I wanted more. Jennifer Ashley has finally given me what I want…Tiger….all Tiger all the time. And I LOVED IT! Kept in a cage for the majority of his life Tiger doesn’t know how to behave around shifters and humans. He’s unlike anything any of them has seen. He wears no collar and only follows his leaders orders because he wants to, he feels no compulsion to do so. His animal is always close to the surface and is unparalleled in terms of strength. He’s a fighting machine, honed by his captivity and encouraged to distrust everyone.

When he sees Carly and her cheating boyfriends broken down car on the side of the road everything changes in an instant. She is his mate and nothing anyone says is going to change that. Though Carly isn’t sure what to think of Tiger at first she does feel a primal urge to soothe his tortured soul. He calls to her on a level she can’t understand really process at first but nonetheless is compelled to do. She can’t understand why everyone is so afraid of the gentle man she is coming to know.

I loved the differences between Tiger and the other males in the series. He so controlled, so stoic, where the other males have been outgoing and loud. That rigid self control has enabled him to settle into life in Shiftertown regardless of the leary looks he gets from everyone. His uncanny knack with children, though surprising to everyone, makes him nice to have around in emergencies… or if they need a babysitter.  The detail that went into how Tiger was created and the military involvement was well wrote and provided some answers to the overall story arc of the series. I look forward to learning more on that in upcoming books.

Rampant racism is always prevalent in this series and once again it played a part in Tiger Magic. Humans are skiddish around shifters and in the case of Carly she feared them while knowing nothing about them. They are held apart from society and made to live in less then stellar conditions while binding their animals by wearing collars.  It’s only a matter of time before they rise up and take back what has been taken from them over the years.

Jennifer Ashley writers the most excellent shifters. They actually SHIFT which it seems some authors forget about when they write their shifter books. Ashley incorporates action, some intrigue, a long book story arc as well as individual story arcs and some smoking hot love scenes that leave me breathless. I absolutely adored this book from beginning to end!

I give Tiger Magic by Jennifer Ashley 4.50 stars!


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