The Week Before The Wedding by Beth Kendrick

The Week Before The Wedding by Beth KendrickAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: NAL Trade

My Copy: Edelweiss

Reviewer: Pam

After enduring a chaotic childhood, Emily McKellips yearns for a drama-free life, complete with a white picket fence. Her dreams are about to come true: She has a stellar career, a gorgeous house, and a fiancé any woman would die for. But as friends and family arrive in picturesque Valentine, Vermont, for her wedding, an uninvited guest shows up.

Ryan is Emily’s first husband from a disastrous starter marriage. They wed on a whim, only to discover that combustible chemistry couldn’t ensure a happily ever after. But Ryan is no longer the headstrong boy she left behind. He’s now a successful film producer who just happens to be scouting a resort in Valentine with his adorable retriever in tow. As the bridesmaids revolt and the mothers of the bride and groom do battle, Emily is surprised to discover new sides of both her ex and her fiancé. She thought she had life and love all figured out, but the next seven days might change her mind—and her heart.

What do you do when your ex-husband shows up a week before you are to marry the perfect man, you go a little crazy trying to keep it under control?

Emily McKellips is getting married to Grant, a doctor who appears to be perfect in every way. Even his family seems perfect, which is exactly what Emily wants after spending a chaotic life with a mother who is loveable but a little wacky. To compensate for her mother, Emily spent the last ten years getting her MBA, wearing suits to work and doing everything possible to be this perfect conservative woman.

Ten years earlier she fell in love at college with Ryan Lassiter. They had a combustible relationship that she could not deal with and left five months after the got married. She felt Ryan was too reckless and after her childhood, she wanted more stability.

Emily’s mother, Georgia married a man she loved, they had Emily and when he died too young she just went in a different direction, a little wild and crazy, marrying several times and always looking for fun. One of the marriages gave her a step-daughter, Summer who is Emily’s best friend. Summer’s personality is more like Georgia and what Emily used to be like before she became too stuffy.

Emily and Grant are getting married in Vermont at a lovely resort which is perfect, as they are moving to Massachusetts for Grants new job. Grant’s whole family is here along with Emily’s mother and Summer, the setting is idyllic, until Ryan shows up without warning. Emily finds it a little strange that out of all the places in the world he is here, but he says he is scouting a new location for a movie, he is now a successful production executive. Summer looks at Emily innocently, when she asks questions, but Emily knows her too well.

Grants mother Beverly is very straight laced and the sparks fly when she meets Georgia, however things change when they bond over champagne and getting revenge on Beverly’s sisters, producing fun and laughter. As the wedding approaches, things get out of hand and when Grant has to go back to his job for a few days Emily starts to wonder what life with a dedicated doctor would be like, especially when she finds herself thinking more about Ryan than Grant.

I am a true fan of reunited lovers and this book is a great example, with fun entertaining characters that had me laughing out loud. I really like Ryan, what a sexy guy he is, and I love that even though he may have grown up in the ten years they were apart, deep down he is still the same person, he still loves horror movies and doing crazy things. Emily on the other hand lost herself in the last ten years, but that works well in this story, as not only does she need to find herself but she needs Ryan back in her life. I liked both characters together, the spark is still there and Ryan tells her right away how he feels about her, she has those same feelings however pushes them down.

The story is entertaining, fast paced and a thoroughly enjoyable read to the end. The premise is believable as we watch this group of polar opposite wedding party members come together to celebrate. I was happy to see Grant’s family accept Emily with open arms, even when her unconventional mother enters the picture. They were less accepting of Georgia but that makes the story more fun. I laughed out loud several times when Georgia was around and the bachelorette party was a hoot with Bev and Georgia bonding. Grant was a very likable guy however I found that I could not quite believe he was going to let Emily go without a scene, fight or anything other than “we are not getting married are we” and then leaves to go back to his patient, which apparently makes him happier. I recommend this fun contemporary romance with some very touching scenes and laugh out loud moments.

I give The Week Before the Wedding by Beth Kendrick 4.25 stars!

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