Bare It All by Lori Foster (Love Undercover #2)

Bare It All by Lori FosterAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Romantic Suspense

Publisher: Harlequin 

My Copy: NetGalley

Reviewer: Nikki

A cop’s craving to know more about the woman next door could prove fatal in the steamy new novel from New York Times bestselling author Lori Foster 

As the person responsible for taking down a brutal human trafficker, Alice Appleton fears retaliation at every turn. No one knows about her past, which is exactly how she prefers it…until the sexy cop next door comes knocking. 

Detective Reese Bareden thinks he knows what makes women tick, but his ever-elusive neighbor keeps him guessing like no other. Is his goal to unmask Alice’s secrets? Or protect her from a dangerous new threat? One thing is certain: their chemistry is a time bomb waiting to explode. And with no one to trust but each other, Reese and Alice are soon drawn into a deadly maze of corruption, intrigue and desire-and into the line of fire…


Picking up Bare It All gave me mixed emotions. I have long since been a champion of Foster’s work but I’ve felt something was really lacking in the last book and so I wasn’t sure I would even continue with this series.

You may remember the heroine, Alice, in a Trace Of Fever from the “Men Who Walk The Edge Of Honor” series. Or you may not because she wasn’t a huge part and that book feels like forever ago. When we first met her she was much meeker but that backbone of steel was still evident even then. Since then she’s definitely grown into her own. She’s more confident and she’s managed to get her life mostly back in order.

Though she keeps mostly to herself her hunky neighbor and his dog have wormed themselves right into her heart. When he needs somewhere to stay after his apartment becomes a crime scene she jumps at the chance to offer him her place to crash. Reese has tried for weeks to get Alice to open up to him and she’s finally starting to let him in. No way is he turning down her offer. He’s going to need all his detective skills in order to crack Alice because she tightly guards her secrets. She’s also a magnet for trouble and it seems like no sooner does he have one case wrapped up does it find her.

I really liked Alice as a heroine. She was capable but realistic and I liked that distinction. She wasn’t fearless but she held herself together incredibly well in moments of high stress. With Reese in her corner she finally was able to feel safe. I mean who wouldn’t feel safe with that man in their corner? *fans self* Reese was tall, protective and loves animals…it doesn’t get any better then that. Reese was really patient with Alice’s need to keep secrets and only pushed when he felt he needed to know.  I found myself chuckling over the banter between characters. Rowdy mostly but also the two other women living in their building who were trying desperately to get in Reeses’ pants. They were just so deliciously stupid and every woman knows someone like them. Alice’s reaction to them and her need to mark Reese as her own was priceless.

On the downside I thought that for a romantic suspense it lacked…suspense. What there was felt very easy and when it came time to wrap things up everything happened very fast. I kind of wished that there would have been danger to Alice so that I could bask in Reeses’ protectiveness over her. There were hot men all over the woman wanting to keep her safe and there wasn’t a whole lot to keep her safe from. The villain wasn’t very fleshed out and we got basically nothing from his point of view.

Rowdy gets a nice set up in Bare It All that will continue into the next book where he comes front and center. I liked Rowdy in this book much better then the last because he skirts the line between right and wrong really well. He dominates every scene he’s in and I completely look forward to him falling hard for his woman.

Overall I liked this one much more then the last book and I will definitely be back for Rowdy’s book!

I give Bare It All by Lori Foster 3.75 stars!

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