And I thought Asking for Interviews Would Kill Me

But alas I was wrong. Nope, the goal of killing me has been given to the publishing houses. When I email an author I can put a face with the name. I know who I am talking to, they for the most part have a general idea of who I am…and we go from there. A publishing house is a completely different story. There could be a person sitting there in front of their computer or something with two heads and a million eyes reading my email…I have no clue.

Requesting an ARC (Advanced Readers Copy) has to be done a specific way and to a specific person. Not following the rules will swiftly get you a “no” from everyone. Knowing those rules is what becomes the issue. Who do you ask? What do you say? How do you say it? How do you portray yourself and you blog?

Now, I did my research. I spent hours at the computer reading up on upcoming titles, the different publishing houses and TheStorySiren who gives awesome advice on how to go about asking for something you may be interested in. When the time came to request though, I froze momentarily. I think I must be a glutton for punishment. I hate rejection as much as the next person. To put yourself out there is just asking to be let down. But there is also that glimmer of satisfaction when you put yourself out there. I may fail….miserably. Or I could totally rise above. You never know until you try right?

So with about four cups of coffee running through my veins I hit that send button and will sit back and wait. I picked only a few books that I thought would reach me the deepest and bit the bullet and asked. No is all they can say right? The first book I requested on NetGalley was rejected but I persevered and have since gotten a few. I only ask for those that really speak to me. No sense in asking for tons that don’t. Plus my time is precious, and I don’t want to waste it on something that doesn’t call to me.

When I first set about to build my website this project didn’t even enter into by brain. I have learned so much so quickly it astounds me daily. And so while it may not be proper blog etiquette to even be posting this particular blog…I will. I am what I am…and I am completely proud of that. I want everyone following along with my journey to know how I got here. Honestly, Respectfully and Fully Engaged.


  1. LOL You sound just like me. I’ve never approached a publisher before but I did sign up for NetGalley. I spent HOURS sweating over my bio because I had this fear that people would take one look at it and stamp a huge “HECK NO” over my name. Somehow I got through it and I can laugh about it. But I agree, it’s nervewracking.

    Great post 🙂

    1. haha I was convinced that my bio was all wrong when I got rejected the first time. Since then I haven’t asked for anything from that publisher…fear sucks. I may not have a million followers…shoot I may not have a 1000…but the ones I do have a die hards. They aren’t going anywhere and they like me for me. I am proud of what I have accomplished thus far. So whether or not I get that coveted “YES” isn’t the point…its the ride that matters 🙂

      Oh and BTW I LOVE your blog 🙂

      1. I say just keep doing what you’re doing 🙂 I really believe when one door closes another hundred open. It’s a great learning experience and in no way does it mean that something is wrong with you or how you review. There’s always authors out there that would love you to review their books, that doesn’t come with the risk of rejection. You ever thought of approaching authors seperately?

        Thanks, my poor blog is lonely at the moment because I haven’t been able to spend as much time as I was because I’m working on my NaNo project so if you pass by it occasionally, give it an extra smile LOL I love blogging 🙂 Hey I just noticed we read the same books !

      2. Oh yes, I have def made contact with several extremely awesome authors. And honestly they are so much easier to talk to I think LOL. Not knowing who I am emailing is rough. I have found so many awesome ppl through Twitter….authors and bloggers. Never in a million years did I think I would ever see me conversing with authors on a daily basis. In one of my other posts I referred to authors as rockstars….lol

  2. LOL! Isn’t it nerve-wracking? I never thought I’d be stressed out over my blog. It’s a hobby that’s supposed to be fun. The ARC is that golden ticket that every book blogger wants. I’ve sent out emails and didn’t even get the courtesy of a “No”. I never got a response. Period. And me being scared, I never followed up because I didn’t want to come across as desperate. I finally got my ARC over a week ago and thought I’d finally made it. Then this week I was stomped on and brought down to Earth. I couldn’t believe how I went from being on Cloud 9 to writing a post questioning myself as a book blogger.

    Good luck!

    1. Oh its totally nerve wracking…and when something goes wrong in your real life on top of it, your left wondering how to cope. I totally get that. Publishers might not understand that while that is their job…most of us bloggers have other jobs. We aren’t home all day and night reading…as much as we would like to be. Food needs bought…Bills need paid. But being acknowledged, even in a rejection would be nice. Shoot even credit card companies tell you what you need to do in order to get a card….but on the flip side I wonder if just not getting any response is sometimes better. I know what I need to do…don’t point it out type of thing…its a “catch all” certainly.

      You deserve those ARCS woman…don’t stop requesting! (HUGS)

  3. Having the pleasure of meeting online so many great authors that I have read for so many years means much more to me than getting ARC’s… The only ones that I have so far were worth the wait and the only publisher/promoter that I have signed up with gives me the privilege and the power to decide if a book is one I want to read before accepting the offer… They are Bostick Communications and when you sign up with them Nikki the books are either ones in certain genres you read a lot or you can just sign up to receive an email about every book they are sending out for reviews… Glad you are getting your feet wet so soon, happy that you are having a great time because that is what this is all about… It is something to do that is enjoyable and when no longer enjoyable it becomes just another “job”! One that does not pay the bills but can take over every free minute of your life if you let it!

    jackie >_<

    1. AGREED! And surprisingly the few books I did ask for are by authors I havent read yet and who aren’t on my Twitter list LOL. I tend to do much much better when talking to authors. I can be more myself and I don’t feel like it’s some kind of job interview. I much prefer connecting with someone on a personal level. But hey…I wanted to give it a try. I refuse to change for anyone 🙂

  4. Hehehe!!
    I know what you mean, not because I have done it myself but because I have read about it on other book blogs.

    It’s really disappointing when you ask to read a book and review it and you get rejected.
    I know the rationale behind it, publishers usually prefer “big”, popular blogs with lots of followers, which have been around for quite a while, but still when you are a new book blogger it is really disheartening.
    I mean a review is a review right? No matter how many people read it!
    Meh, it is just unfair.

    I won’t ask for a book because I know beforehand I’m not going to get it, not only because I’m a new book blogger, but also because I live in Greece and shipping costs..
    Now, ebooks are a different issue! 😛

    – Kelly @I Work For Books

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