Blush by Lauren Jameson (In Vino Veritas #1)

Blush by Lauren JamesonAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Erotic Romance

Publisher: NAL

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

Madeline Stone is determined to heal from her tragic past, one difficult step at a time…and she doesn’t need any distractions. Then she meets a mysterious and captivating stranger—and over a glass of outrageously expensive wine, her world turns upside down. Try as she might to banish the wealthy business mogul from her thoughts, Madeline can’t fight Alex’s staggering appeal or his enticing offer of intimate discovery.
Alex doesn’t date—at least, not in the traditional sense. Still, he wants Madeline …and his sexual intensity provides her with a much-needed escape. They embark on a tumultuous erotic affair, one that takes them to the pinnacle of obsession and desire. But underneath each explosive encounter lie dangerous secrets waiting to consume them both.


This will be a short review because I really don’t have much to say about it. I disliked this book because it comes off as a ripoff of a ripoff of 50 Shades Of Grey. Everybody and their mother has wrote a book just like this. The characters of Maddy and Alex both had such over dramatic, over done stories that I found myself not caring one way or the other what happened to them. In fact when Maddy FINALLY tells Alex why she was afraid of EVERYTHING, it made no sense whatsoever. I get her being upset over her past, but her reactions made no sense. None. Zero. Zilch. Sure, reactions can make no sense, we are after all human, but this, this was so outside of the realm of reality that her character just came off as a self imposed child, stuck in a routine and unable or unwilling to change. Alex has his own secret that he’s guarding with everything he has. Problem was it wasn’t really a secret and it wasn’t really a big deal. To anyone. Except himself.

Then of course there is the dungeon of sex toys, the BDSM club and the flawed millionaire playboy that are so over used in today’s explosion of BDSM books. I want a normal hero. One who can’t buy the heroine a Porsche if he so desires. A bartender, a salesman, even a lawyer…no more millionaires unless the author can guarantee to do it right. Less cliche. More real.  If this book would have incorporated something (ANYTHING) new I could have overlooked the cliches. However, Blush gave me nothing I hadn’t read before.   I found it boring and chock full of unimportant information that seemed to be added in a poor attempt by the author to move the story line along. Publishers take note. Stop beating that dead horse.

The only thing that moved this from a 1 star to a 2 stars was the fact that I finished it. I have no need to come back to this world for another go round.

I give Blush by Lauren Jameson 2 stars.

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