Time Thief by Katie MacAlister (Time Thief #1)

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Type: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Signet

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Pam

Outcast due to their ability to manipulate time, shunned by the mortal and immortal worlds alike, a Traveller’s life is anything but easy. Peter Faa is a member of the Watch tracking down a murderer, and unfortunately, all clues seem to point toward his own estranged family of Travellers. Any of his cousins could be guilty, but which one? They’re all experts in the art of stealing time…

After surviving a lightning strike, Kiya Mortenson is determined to get just one thing in her life right. And if that means taking a job as nanny to five pugs on a campsite in the Oregon wilderness, then so be it. It doesn’t hurt that the job comes with some spectacular male eye candy, including her new boss’s gorgeous grandson. If only she didn’t keep having this strange sense of deja vu… When Peter discovers his own family is stealing time from Kiya, all bets are off. While she may drive him crazy at times, it’s clear that it’s not just lightning that’s creating some serious sparks between them. And he’s not going to let secrets, lies, or a devious murderer keep Kiya from where she belongs: at his side.

Kiya is a quirky gal that can start a conversation with anyone that will listen, she was sitting in the hospital waiting room telling a stranger how she has been struck by lightning twice in her life and a henna like tattoo appeared each time, she calls them lightning flowers and has one on her shoulder and her arm. When the doctor gives her a clean bill of health she sets off on her original destination, heading toward the coast to get a job. She owns a 1969 VW bug that she has named Eloise which is very temperamental and frequently does not want to start.

On her journey she gets blown off the road by a logging truck and while trying to get Eloise to start again, she is helped by Gregory Faa, a man she thinks is a male model and tells him so several times. Kiya can’t pay for his help or the repairs she needs so when he tells her about his grandmother Lenore who may need someone to watch her dogs, she jumps at the chance. Gregory’s family is a bit strange and several of them look at her with distain and call her a Mahrime, which of course she has never heard of. They are loose group of gypsy like people that travel in RV’s and camp near towns, they call themselves Traveller’s.

Peter Faa is also a Traveller who is related to Gregory and Lenore however the family disowned him because he is also considered a Mahrime or half-breed. He has made a life for himself without his family as a Watcher, the police of the otherworld. Peter is investigating a murder and he believes that one of the Faa family members is responsible.

Traveller’s steal small amounts of time from others and are supposed to give the person silver as payment, sometimes if they take too much a person can die, which is what Peter is investigating. If a Traveller does not pay for the time taken, they get punished by a shuvani or time god, he will take something of value from you.

As we learn the many secrets that were kept from both Peter and Kiya about their families, they start to investigate the murder with some surprising help from unlikely allies. Danger ensues as the gang unravels the mystery surrounding the Faa family and Traveller’s.

I really liked the premise of this book, a group of people that steal time and the governing body of otherworld police that watch over them. I just had a hard time with the banter and conversations between Kiya and everyone else. She is a peculiar girl that tends to talk without thinking and without a filter between her brain and mouth and at times it was funny but more often I had to re-read the conversation just to understand what she was saying and who she was saying it to. It got a little tiresome at times as you try to keep up with her. And she always referred to her id, ego and super-ego – that was annoying to say the least. Another issue I had was that Peter’s personality was a bit stilted so I had a hard time seeing these two together, I am not sure the chemistry worked.

The story was compelling and I enjoyed the murder mystery that makes up most of the plot as Peter was investigating his family. The villains were truly evil and I was glad with how the book ended. I was also happy to see that my first impression of Gregory was correct and am excited to see that his book is next. Other than the banter which at times did not flow (because I had to do some re-reading which affects the mojo) the book was entertaining and since I liked the premise and characters I will pick up the next book to see Gregory in action.

I give Time Thief by Katie MacAlister 3.0 stars!

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