The Care and Feeding Of An Alpha Male by Jessica Clare (Bluebonnet #2)

The Care and Feeding of An Alpha Male by Jessica ClareAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Berkley

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Pam

Beth Ann needed a hero… Beth Ann Williamson has finally had it with her on-and-off fiancé of nine years. The problem? No one in town seems to believe her when she says it’s really over. Now Beth Ann is determined to show the small town of Bluebonnet, Texas, that she can take care of herself. That means opening her own salon and not taking the help that her ex-fiancé seems determined to offer. Of course, even the best laid plans go awry when she’s stranded in the woods in the middle of a downpour. Some independent woman she is. She can’t even find her way out of the woods without the help of a handsome, but scowling, Marine.

She got more than she bargained for… A die-hard survivalist, Colt Waggoner’s none too pleased when he’s sent to find the town’s pampered princess. He’s even more annoyed when Beth Ann isn’t grateful for the rescue. Fine, then. He’ll just have to teach the sexy blonde a lesson–a weekend of roughing it out in the wild. Just the two of them, alone, in muddy, wet clothing that needs to come off… But Beth Ann isn’t the spoiled princess he thought. And when she propositions him for a one night stand, he knows he should turn it down. Because this alpha male might need more than just one night in her bed to satisfy him…

An engaging small town romance with a fun, enemies to lovers trope.

Beth Ann is beauty salon owner who is from a very wealthy family, her father is a senator who is up for reelection soon so Beth Ann is desperate to escape the confines of home and spends most nights at her salon sleeping on a mattress.

Allen is her ex-boyfriend who she has dated on and off since high school and for a year it has been off, yet everyone in town loves him and believe she will come to her senses and will soon marry him. What the town does not know are the reasons why she has broken up with him several times and will never end up with him. A year ago she finally had enough of him cheating and lying to her and although she has been nice and kept this little secret to herself she is tired of people assuming she is the problem.

She has a geeky seventeen year old sister, Lucy who is attending a festival her parents don’t want her at so they send Beth Ann to find her. Unfortunately the weather turns nasty and the local police break up the party making sure everyone leaves the area, however they do not know Beth Ann is there.

Colt grew up in the same town and was from the wrong side of the tracks and lived with his father and brothers in a rundown trailer. He left after high school and joined the marines and now nine years later has returned to help run a survival school with his friend. He is helping with the police and when he realizes Beth Ann is still out there he stays back to find her.

Colt and Beth Ann have disliked each other since high school as he felt she always was looking down at him and that she was too prim and proper and since his return she has not changed his mind. So he decides he wants to teach her a lesson and tells her the rivers are too dangerous to cross and they must stay out here. Beth Ann always thought Colt was the a surly, arrogant man, however as they spend the night in a tree and another in a cabin, they get to know each other and find things are not always what they seem and the attraction that was always under the surface makes for an interesting two nights.

While Beth Ann and Colt face old prejudices while trying to explore their attraction several things happen to make life more difficult, her business starts to fail as a new salon opens up and Colt’s family all the sudden make an appearance in his life, a family he does not want to be around. Their tenuous relationship takes a hit when she finds out who is sabotaging her plans and lies are revealed along with old secrets that change the way both Colt and Beth Ann see each other.

This is a really enjoyable and fun romance that has super sexy sex! I thought Beth Ann and Colt were perfect for each other and the chemistry between the two just sizzle and they take advantage if this in many interesting places. The story is a fast paced enemies to lovers romance and centers around the prejudices of small town life and how Beth Ann’s ex-boyfriend seems to want to cause trouble for her in order to get what he wants.

I liked how Beth Ann and Colt had their own opinions about each other from high school and never seemed to want to make the move to get to know each other, and yet during two nights in the wilderness they both realize how wrong they have been. The only issues I have was that I wanted Beth Ann to believe in Colt, and not let her past experiences with Allen make her judge that all men are the same. Allen is the good boy that everyone in town loves however I like it when secrets are revealed and surprises come to light that changes the minds of most in town. I did not read the first book in this series yet did not have any trouble following along with the story. The secondary characters are fun and I really enjoyed Beth Ann’s best friend, Miranda and look forward to seeing Brenna’s story. All in all a wonderful small town romance with lots of heat, laugh out loud moments and angst that make this a worthwhile read.

I give The Care and Feeding of an Alpha Male by Jessica Clare 3.75 stars!

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