Drinking and Strippers

So everyone knows this past week has SUCKED hardcore for me. That’s definitely not a secret. However, last night I indulged in a bachelorette party for a good friend of mine. I wasn’t sure if I should go at all because of the state of everything that is my home life. My need for escape won out in the end. That’s right, I wanted to drink myself into oblivion, dance with random people and get crazy for a night. I will freely admit that. And, that’s just what I did.

When we got to the dance floor it was fairly empty. Within an hour the place was packed to the gills. Bodies rubbing on bodies like they needed some sort of friction to keep themselves going. Pretty sure there was something skeevy going on in the one corner. Either that or that girls skirt was around her waist for another reason entirely. Nothing says skanky like sex on the dance floor. Anyway, there were a couple of guys that were up from Cincinnati for a wedding that were keeping me and my friends company. These guys were high rollers for sure. They ordered an entire bottle of Absolute instead of just getting shots. Why bother with shots when you can buy the whole bottle? They seemed amused that only 1 of us had ever been to a strip club. There also happened to be one directly across the street from the bar. Classy place as far as strip clubs go I suppose. So, we went. We sucked down what was left of whatever drink we had in our hand and walked across the street to the strip club. Walking into the place was an experience all on its own. Dim lighting, huge pole in the center, lots and lots of low chairs sitting around and topless ladies everywhere.  I quickly acclimated myself, I’m no prude. I placed a few singles in a g-string and got some boobies rubbed in my face. That sounds so funny to write that. Since I had never been to one I will say it was enlightening. But, hey, the girl might have had kids to support, I was glad to help out. I saw a whole lot of lap dancing, boobs, pole dancing and general drunkenness. I had a blast, I’d do it again and I can’t wait to see my girls again soon! The night was just what I needed to forget my troubles, even if only for a few hours. My friends kept a drink in my hand at pretty much all times. So I escaped with what little money I had brought with me intact. Now its a countdown to the wedding at the end of August. Fun times will be had by all….I can’t wait….

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