Blogiversary Giveaway #3 – Cora Cade

Next up today is a brand new romance author who will be releasing her first book, Morning Light, in the next few days! Cora Cade is actually a friend of mine and I’m so incredibly proud of her! She’s an amazing woman who doesn’t let anything stand in her way! Check her out and I’m sure you’ll enjoy her writing as much as I do!

Morning Light by Cora CadeAvailable: July 16th 2013 Amazon/B&N

Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Samhain

A Day of Pleasure, Book 1

His toughest battle is ahead—the battle for one woman’s heart.

During Noah Harper’s ten years as an Army Ranger, Tennyson Sharpe’s letters were his lifeline. With each mail call, the bright and vibrant girl of his youth slowly became the woman of his dreams.

Now he’s home—and he’s in hell. The problem? Tenn is his little brother’s best friend. Claiming her risks all kinds of collateral damage.

Tenn is getting nervous. Since Noah came home, they’ve been circling each other, neither willing to risk the status quo. It’s time to kick things up a notch and make a play for the man she’s loved since she was sixteen—before someone else does.

Dressing to impress works better than she could have dreamed. After a scorching interlude leads to a steamy morning wrapped in each other’s arms, reality comes crashing down. Shining a devastating light on Tenn’s deepest fears…and forcing Noah into scramble mode to convince her forever was always on his mind.

Warning: This book contains some serious foreplay in the great outdoors; stand-up sex with a hot, stand-up guy; and a wounded Army Ranger who’s determined to leave no heart behind—especially the one belonging to the girl of his dreams.

Cora CadeFind Cora:




Nestled away in a small town in Ohio, Cora Cade spends her days adding steamy books to her library, snuggling with her four rotten dogs, and debating the finer points of life with the dear husband.

When she’s not tucked away with a book you can find her tapping away on her laptop. With coffee. And music.



Cora is giving away a gift basket to a US winner today! The basket includes: 

-One reusable tote 

-One stainless steel/double walled travel mug

-A handmade mug cozy

-Four Bailey’s mini’s 

-One pound of Kivu (East African blend) coffee

-One package of Sea Salt Caramels (which are they best things ever created in the candy world)

Gift basket_Cora Cade (1)

To enter simply tell me:

What’s your favorite candy? 



  1. I am SO older than 21 and is there a candy I DON’T like? I think not!

    let’s see- Sour Patch Kids, Rolos, Hershey’s (anything, really made by Hershey’s),Cabury, those fancysmacy chocolate bars have grown on me, Campfire candy? oh man, all that chocolate/caramel goodness. Taffy, pixie sticks (the jumbo straws and the little paper minis), hard candy, chewy candy, sucking candy, I EAT CANDY.

  2. Cora,
    Congratulations on the almost release of “Morning Light!” Military romances are some of my favorites! Adding in the reunion and friends-to-lovers elements and I’m sold!

    My favorite candy depends on the season, my mood and those ever-present, pesky hormones. Chocolate coupled with salt, nuts and/or caramel is always a hit. Gum is my constant purse-companion. But, since Halloween is my favorite holiday, candy corn is my kryptonite!


    mmmazuros at yahoo dot com

    1. Michelle- Thanks for the kind words! And I’m a hormonal muncher as well- it’s all dependent on my mood.

      Good luck with nursing school- that’s a tough gig! I work (by day) in HR for a health care company, so I send kudos to you as you work towards your goal! Nursing school is not for sissies. 😉

      1. Thanks Cora! RN school is kicking my middle-aged ass, but I’m keeping my head above water. I read romances to “cleanse my mental palate” after living in textbooks for hours. Fiction keeps me sane! 🙂

  3. I love military romances and can’t wait to read Morning Light! It sounds like an emotional read.

    I love any kind of chocolate. It’s my favorite food after all. 🙂
    Thanks for the great giveaway and Happy Blogiversary!

    1. Rhonda- I’m so excited for you to meet Noah, the hero in Morning Light. He’s tough and sexy and a little damaged, but knows exactly what he wants. Also, I used Chris Hemsworth as the physical inspiration for Noah, so he’s somewhat attractive. Just a little. 🙂

  4. My favorite candy at the moment is milkyway carmal! Im sure it will be something else next week…lol
    Thank you for the great giveaway:)

    1. Steph- I’ve never had Lindors Truffles! How is this possible?? I’m a big fan of Dairy Milk- it always makes me feel slightly British when I devour an entire bar in one sitting!

      1. Ooh, they are so good! One of my favorites is their Stracciatella. It is a cookies and cream one. I love all of them though! LOL

  5. Mmmm! Candy! I like candy!! I love chocolate!! CHOCOLATE! CHOCOLATE!! You don’t have to enter me in to be the winner but I had to comment on the candy!!

      1. I am not a coffee drinker or a Bailey’s fan. I would not want to take away from people who enjoy those things! I am excited to read your book though!

  6. Goetze’s caramel creams! I remember my mom always bought these and we would beg her for one out of the tray, and she’d always share.Bit-O-Honey’s too! My kids love these “old” candies as well!

  7. Congrats on the soon to be release of your book. I want to read it now! I don’t have a favorite candy because I have tons. One of the ways I connected with my stepson when I first met him years ago was I am a candy guru. I showed him candy he never heard of and he loved it. I taught him how to use fun-dip (pure sugar) and I love those red fish, chocolate (dark especially), my absolute favorite is dark chocolate raspberry jellies, my mom sends me those for my bday every year, peanut chews (I only get those back home in Philly) 🙁 Chocolate covered anything pretzels, strawberries…. Oh now I am hungry. I could go on and on. I like lots of the normal stuff too though.

    1. Patti- Thank you! And I have a massive soft spot for Fun-Dip!! I have to finish the entire pack and then my tongue is raw from all that gritty sugar. Always worth it!

  8. I have more than one fav candy! Tops on my list are caramels, dark chocolate and toffee! Of course a combo of any of these is fantastic! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!!

  9. I guess my favorite candy is snickers. Thanks for the giveaway.

  10. Cora is a great friend and I’m sooo proud of her! My favorite candy are those chocolate hollow bunnies you can only get at Easter. They are made by Palmer’s and the weird generic chocolate flavor melts in my mouth lol.

  11. I am not really a candy eater. I am more of a fruit person but since the question is about candy I would have to say Skittles. Thanks for the giveaway and Congrats on releasing your 1st book Cora.It sounds like a great reads and I will be adding it to my TBR list!


    1. Melissa- I love Skittles when I’m in the mood for sweet and chewy. And they don’t melt in my car- which is always a plus since I commute from office to office for the day job!

    1. Well, Lori, if you are the winner you’ll get some dark chocolate sea salt caramels. And I’m not a dark chocolate fan- but these are soooo good, I can’t even dream of chocolate this good!

  12. This is what I love about blogs, you get introduced to new authors. Cora is new to me and I can’t wait to read her book. My favorite candy will always be Lindor white chocolate truffles cold.

    koonie2888 at yahoo dot com

    1. Michelle- Do you freeze them? This is such a foreign concept to me! But I’ve heard multiple Lindor suggestions, so I’m going to have to give them a try!

  13. I love anything chewy. Caramels, taffy, tootsie rolls, gummies, hot tamales. I love toffee, dark chocolate and anything coffee flavored too.

    1. Barbara- I love salt water taffy too, which is so hard to find where I live! But when I do come across it, usually on vacation, I always stock up. 😉

  14. I love a hot military romance! Looking forward to checking your book out. As for my favorite candy it’s Riesen Dark Chocolates!!! I have the best MIL in the world…she brings me bags of them every now and again!

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