Day 2

So this is my second day in the blogging world. I wish I could tell you how excited I am….Im not. In fact, Im damn tired. Wanna know why? SUUUUURE you do, don’t lie. My day started at 7am without coffee because I was running late. If you knew me, you’d be gasping right now, trust me. But I managed to get myself together and out the door to work at job #1. Oh, job #1 is my cleaning job. I clean hallways and vacant apts at a complex near my house. My mom is also the office manager. She likes to say that makes her my boss…I disagree. Anyways today the Ohio weather was HUMID. Which meant that 5 minutes after starting a hallway I was dripping in sweat. Attractive Im sure. It was no less then 100 degrees…I mean would it kill them to a/c the hallways??
After 3 hours I came home and did a 45 min weight workout. Im doing ChaLean Extreme. Ive lost 22 lbs (you can clap at that, I like it)….BUT my snarky wii fit says I still need to loose 20 lbs to be considered “normal”. Lets be honest, no amount of weightloss is gonna make me normal. And does the wii fit really think its doing you a favor by making your lttle mii avatar all fat? I don’t like looking at the REAL me all fat, why in the world should it make the pretend me fat too? Talk about a self esteem killer.
Later in the afternoon a friend came over for a “playdate”. The playdate was really for us. Its nice that she has a son though that gets along with my son. But even if they didnt they could tolerate each other for a hour while we have some adult time. Its really the least they can do since we birthed them. Of course the girl was whiney b/c they are boys and want to do “boy things”. Doesn’t matter that she had her own playdate just the other day that was a birthday party and then a lingering around of the mommies after the party.

So now Im sitting here really wanting to go rip into the brand new knock off, double stuff Oreos I bought (dont knock them, they rule)….MUST. NOT. CONSUME. ENTIRE. PACK……. but at 230 calories for two, I try not to eat them in large quanities. I said try……

While Im sitting here writing my blog and watching the news I see my towns name flash up on the screen. Yep, Donald Duck got arrested in Massillon, Ohio. No, not the lovable Disney character…some stoner named DONALD DUCK. Apparently hes a ‘frequent flyer” (insert laugh track here) in the town for drunk driving, driving without a license, and driving under the influence.  He got pulled over in the Little Ceasers Pizza drive through and when asked to step out of his car a bag of weed fell out. Really Donald? Really? Good grief….I need to move. Next thing you know, Minnie Mouse will get arrested for prostitution…….

The Final Countdown…..

Elisabeth Naughton’s new book in her Eternal Guardians series is coming out soon. I find her to have a fresh voice and Im totally looking forward to this read. Once it comes out I plan on writing my thoughts here…though Im sure I could just tell you now how much I love it! Once I acclimate to this new blogging world I will write up a short something about her first book in the series “Marked”. I will wet your appetite now with one word….HOT.

Lets Get This Party Started

So, I joined the ranks of the blogging people. Not by choice mind you, merely because in order for me to write (ie stalk) on my favorite authors blogs I had to sign up for one of several sites. LiveJournal was lucky enough to be first on the list of sites that I had no idea what they were. So here I am. I must say, this is a first for me. Don’t get me wrong, I am opinionated and loud and everyone knows my feelings…BUT…I do not write. Oh, I try, but Im not very good. So I will apologize in advance to anyone reading this mess that I will be calling my “blog”.  I have no idea what I will be writing about or how often. I figure my life isnt really all that interesting. Im a wife and a mother of two living in Northeastern Ohio. I mean really….OHIO…can’t get much duller then that right? We don’t have hurricanes, sand storms, earthquakes (ok, not that often) and there  is really no place for a oil spill here. We have tornados and thunder…thats it. No majestic mountains or beautiful pristine beaches. Even our local sports teams are horrible. So whats there to write about? I figure I will find something to amuse you. I plan on spilling all my secrets, reviewing the books Im currently reading (and there are a lot), talking about various jobs I do and ranting and raving about whatever I choose.  Stick around my friends…this should be a fun ride! 🙂

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